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Underworld Gaze3


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A nice variation on it. :happy:

The warm colors make it almost an entirely different template. I'm wondering who's eye that is? :biggrin:

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wow eclip.. you're one tranquil flame !


****, that's not the way to go. I dunno what's worse.. lazily changing 1 pic of somebody's template

and reposting it ? or modifying somebody's template and still leaving his nick on it ??

sry, but I didn't like that approach at all

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I should have mentioned that Lieselover contacted me via PM and asked for my opinion on this before making it public. Since he was respectful in his PM, I gave him a thumbs up.

@Lieselover - I agree with UFO that your approach of modifying someone else's template is not a good idea and wouldn't recommend it in the future. Also, I didn't notice that my nick was still on it. Please edit it and remove my nick.

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