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Far Cry 2...

Teddy Rogers

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I keep hearing great things about it too. That and GTAIV are on my order list for the end of the year.

And lego batman. That just looks stunning ;)

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Lego Batman! LOL!

I played Lego Indiana Jones as it got quite a few good reviews. They must have pulled them out of their asses, really, this stuff was boring as hell, my controller only worked in about half of all levels (???) and the looks - well, might be intentional :D

I'm definately going to get L4D and GTA, not sure about FarCry 2. Does it have multiplayer ?

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Far Cry 2-Razor1911
Protection: SecuROM+Activation+Custom

and its only 1 DVD5 :)

Yeah I was wondering about that as well. Didnt they like recreate half Africa :blink:

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well i love farcry but not 2nd part. why? i hate nonlinear games, maybe its wrong word.

but i hate drive,walk half of world to reach objective.

thats why crash of the titans is better than crash mind over mutant. thats why i dont like gta. and dont like farcry2, ride half of africa to reach place you have to be, oh you are too late or too soon due its night and bar is closed so wait few hours. its false way to make game longer to finish. and this waiting is killing me.

same is with need for speed underground. later they added skip drive thru whole city to next race.

dead space i bet will be better choice

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I hear the game is off the chain! I think I may pick up a copy next payday. Anyone with anymore feedback on the game?

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why not take it for a spin before you buy?


I'll put Far Cry 2 on my list. I'm currently playing Assassin's Creed, and I've got Resistance waiting to be played after that. I'm one of those one track types... I have to play one game till completion before I can get into another.

I played the demo for the Lego Indiana Jones... :confused: I thought it was lame.

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Didnt they say there werent going to release a demo because you could easily play 10 hours because of the huge world ?

Is it time limited ? :o

I'm one of those one track types... I have to play one game till completion before I can get into another.

The same here, I kinda feel guilty for not finishing a game, besides I'm too stupid to remember 2 different keyboard assignments :D

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what? i always use one asigment and hate wsad use cursors, if game doesnt have keyboard configure its lost for me and useless.

im ****ed off with some xbox360 profiles most are good but some are so dumb.

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Assassin's creed any good Ecliptic? Considered that but never got to it.

Lego indy was supposed to be repetitive and lame - Star wars was awesome and batman is supposed to be good too.

Currently playing CS:S and tomb raider anniversary but only really play games an hour or so a week.

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You still didnt accept my friends invitation :D

And as for Assassin's Creed: It got many good reviews around 85% but I've seen most people complaining about it.

I found it very confusing, doing everything with one mouse button.

You might like it if you like rpg stuff :D

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Assassin's creed any good Ecliptic?
I think it's great! I'm playing it on the PS3, so I can't vouch for the PC version. There is a lot of free will, and I can do what I want when I want. If you want to be a stealthy assassin, you can sneak around and kill quietly... or you can make a public display and get into a rumble. Most of the time, there are several targets located in different towns. You can attack them in any order you want, and explore each town at your own pace. The story line is also very different from anything else I've played, and that makes it more interesting. The main character of the game is in the future, and is not an assassin (yet?). Doctors have developed a way to tap a person's DNA and decode genetic memory. This allows someone to relive the memories of their ancestors via a visual simulation. They explain this "genetic memory"... birds know where to migrate, animals know how to reproduce, they don't have to be taught - because it's been passed down from their ancestors through DNA. The main character jumps into past ancestor's memories (who are assassins as I'm sure you've guessed). Okay, that's enough.... the game begins.
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I managed to play Far Cry 2 yesterday for an hour or so. Thought it took a little while to get in to, unlike the original (that game I couldn't stop myself from playing) but still a very good game.

They say the game is very open world but I found some parts to be linear such as finding diamonds which only become available in certain areas of the game after you have completed certain things.

The malaria seems to be a bit of an annoyance (hinderance) but not much of a headache. May get tired of having it later on in the game :P

Graphics are nice! You will certainly need a monolith graphics card to play it in a large screen mode with high graphic detail and effects with anti-aliasing. My only qualm is that it is a little dull - had to turn the game brightness up.

You can now buy it online at Ubisoft:



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how good is it on PS3 ..is it comparable to PC graphics.....i have MGS 4 ...i have to say its one great piece of work...and ya by the way anyone get their hands on PS3 cell engine programming yet??

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Just finished the game.

Overall i liked it, although it has some bad parts, so i would rate it a "good" game but not an "awesome" game.

The big advantages are of course the graphics which are really fantastic and - compared to crysis / crysis warhead - even run fast and look good on my medium pc ( core 2 duo @ 1.8 GHz, 3 GB Ram, 8600GT ). Its fun just to travel around a bit and watch the beautiful scenery.

Another advantage is that there are no "levels" , its an open area and the game loads constantly in the background while you are moving around.

Well the disadvantages are the dumb enemy AI .... you can walk directly to an enemy , then after 10 secs or so he realizes that you are his enemy in 90% of all cases he goes down on his knees and starts firing at you or he just runs away and fires from a distance.......that enemy AI sucks big :(

Also, and i dont want to tell you details about the story, but you can choose missions, official missions, side misssions etc. quite alot, but 99 % of all missions are like move to point a on map and kill mr. x or - if you have a "buddy" - first move to point a1 and do something there - mostly kills too - then to a and kill mr.x too.

That is quite boring.

Well overall a nice game as i said with a great athmosphere but i also miss a bit more "african" animals which are very rare , i would have liked much more for example the water ( lake/rivers ) are all totally empty...no crocodiles, no fish....but ok maybe if you put everything on highest quality there maybe some.....


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I haven't played this myself, but I watched a friend of mine playing it, on an awesome box (PC). I was very, very disappointed with the colors. Just as I was afraid of, they had gone to the modern color scheme of games, which varies from **** yellow to scat brown*. Truly disappointing in my eyes. Haven't tried the game, so can't say anything about the gameplay.

*This was not the actual color scheme of the game, just something I said to strengthen my point of view. The problem was simply lack of colors, there were only contrasts, wherea you could get the hint of green.

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Theres supposed to be a patch coming sometime soon that adds animals :D

Happy hunting :bunny:

Edit: There are animals, I just had a zebra roadkill :D

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