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Yeah, RE h4xx0rz gam1ng n00bz FTW!!11!

Join us and you'll get a free copy of Windows Vista x42 once it gets released. Promise!

Would be cool to play with a few of you fellas :D

If want to be cool but dont have any steam games, there is a solution:

Just download steam, isntall it, grab one of the free games/demos, join the steam community and our group. Easy :D

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I do have most of those games, so I may have to reinstall it so I can, well, get killed about 50 times before I accidentally kill some guy that said "Dont shoot me, AFK". This will happen because my computer lingo understanding it that of a 80 year old.

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Hell, I'm up for it too - only have CS:S (although keep meaning to pick up the orange box), but I'll be happy to present myself as cannon fodder occassionally

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I've a deagle with teh kibloy's name on it.


Welcome.. I got that name on every ****ing bullet here :cool2:

And none of them ever hit :">

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Yay! I'm the fifth member in the group with a total of zero hours of game time - that tells you just how much I have used my Steam account... :^


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Haven't played on steam in a while. Got bored with the games. I do play on xbox live tho.

Steam reminds me of this animated gif ..... :rolleyes:


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do u guys still play?

no worries, addicts don't stop :)

how about playing nfs?

hm i dont have any recent nfs although I liked the series a lot.

just got most wanted somewhere in my pirated-games-shelf, might give it a try over hamachi.

GRID is much better though imo :D

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