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What did they change anyway ? It installs like 2 GB for stuff I'll never ever use. Ever.

I could probably use gimp if it wasn't for the user interface.

Put it this way: If I had to pay for it, I wouldn't use it... (And no, I don't pirate it)

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I'm excited about the new features in the extended version for working in 3D. I'm still trying out these new features, so I can't give a thumbs up or down yet.

It doesn't look like a whole lot has changed between CS3 and CS4 base versions.

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What are they, nuts :o

How does it know it shouldn't change the wheel ???

I understand why it does that for the woman, but with the wheel, there's no real contrast or anything...

It probably just works with these 2 pictures, for anything else it just says 'Error' :x

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Ah! I have seen that before, but not in Photoshop... I don't remember where I seen it...

Basically, it looks for similar parts in the picture, and adds/removes copies of it depending on whether you are scaling up or down.

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I've been messing with CS4 for a few days now. So far I've found no reason to return to CS3.

The 3D tools in the extended version are much improved.

The content aware scaling doesn't work for every picture, but I've found it does work most of the time. Using it in steps with some masking really makes it a great tool.

The new adjustments panel / layers is also a great improvement.

I'm might get it, depending if someone creates a keygen for it

seek and ye shall find ;)

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Hmm that Content-Aware Scaling looks pretty cool the hummer example I think is a good use for it but the example with the woman i think it a bit pointless as just cropping the image would have been better as :/ no matter what you do its just gonna distort the background and it gonna look Odd in contrast to the original image.

(but saying that i haven't used it ...yet :D )

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I found a downside :down: or, I guess I should say that PS CS4 isn't as improved as I had hoped.

The 3D tools do not allow a text layer to be extruded inside PS. The text layer can be rotated, panned, and zoomed in a 3D environment, however, the text can't be given any thickness.

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I'm might get it, depending if someone creates a keygen for it

seek and ye shall find ;)

Wer sucht, der findet :P

Sorry, i just had to say that :P

It means the same as you just said, but in German. :blush:


So is the Premium Design Suite out yet or is it just the master collection?

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