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My first PS logo


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Hi guys

I have today the first time played with Ps-Cs3!

And here is the result with over one hour working with Ps,i hope this is good.

I like it!! :D




eg:Can any upload good plugins for ps-cs3 Please?

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This is your first attempt at using Photoshop? Very good. Let's see some more!

Can any upload good plugins for ps-cs3 Please?
First, let me say that IMHO plugins should be used sparingly. When I was first learning Photoshop, I too wanted to grab a bunch of plug-ins for easy effects. I had a ton of them and found most are very limited and the many give poor results. Photoshop's built in filters and layer effects will produce the best results. With that said, I do recommend the Alien Skin Eye Candy and Xenoflex plug-ins.

http://www.alienskin.com/ There are the best of any that I've used.

For masking, I recommend Digital Film Tools. http://www.digitalfilmtools.com/photshopprods.htm

For brushes and presets, deviantART has a great collection of Photoshop freebies.

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