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Hi everyone,

First of all, i want to say that i'm back on Tuts4You. :D

I should be active here from now on. :happy:

Anyway, as many of you may know/remember, i requested for a dup template aaaaaaages agooooooooo, because i was a n00b at photoshop myself. But times have changed :biggrin:

Now i want to create templates for SnD, and make some use of my PS skills i have learnt since my last visit here.

I want to start by creating a keygen template, but i dont know how i should upload it. :|

I mean, do i just upload the full size PNG file or do i upload the PSD file with font files or do i have to create an exe file?

I dont know any programming and will have problems doing that :|

So any info about this would be appreciated! :blush:

Thanks! ^_^

P.S Sorry, if i have posted this in the wrong section! :(

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I should be active here from now on
Great! Would love to see some graphics from you.

To upload a template, you do not need to know how to code it. Most templates are a PSD file with the associated fonts. Check out the downloads section for keygen templates:


You might also want to check out the guide that Ziggy wrote:


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