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Awhile back, Encrypto asked me for a logo for something he was working on. Due to my real life work schedule, I didn't have a whole lot of time to devote to it. I made several graphics to use until I had more time, but they were somewhat drab... Well, I had more time this week and made something a little more special.


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rox again !

About the monotone background.. I think it's a great (needful) contrast.

As usual he knows what he's doing.

But I wished the shadow letters would slightly fade out into the background -

coz it kills the 3d feeling a lill, if they keep the same darkness :nerd:

always awesome to see new **** from you !1 :)

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Ecliptic, Thanks a million for this amazing work. Thanks for your time. haha I nearly was in tears ( from happiness ofc ) when I first saw this. wow.


Edited by Encrypto
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w0w, this is the best logo from a g0od gfxer
I won't be satisfied until your willing to swap the position of "the best" with "a g0od" in your comment. :laugh: I'll have to work harder! :teehee: Just kidding... thank you for your kind words.
I think the background is really really boring
This was done on purpose... the background is set up so that the logo will fit seamlessly into Encrypto's custom patcher (after it's scaled down a bit).
I wished the shadow letters would slightly fade out into the background
Now that you mention it, I have to agree :smile: A gradient will fix that up very easy... I'll post an update.
Thanks a million for this amazing work
np, your welcome. I love working on requests.
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