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Hacker Challenge 2008


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I am not going to spend two months doing this, they don't pay that much. :sleep: What do you have to do that makes this contest so long?

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Yeah, based on last year's challenge, this sounds trivial.

Perhaps the authors thought that it was unbreakable because they couldn't break it.

Even so, I probably won't participate because I have to do real work that day. :-(

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It starts on the 20th but runs longer by the look of it.

Between October 20, 2008 and October 29, 2008: Participants submit solution when the objective(s) for Phase 1 have been achieved.
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That's Maths.. I hate maths..

Tss make yourself a good packer.. Then I'm in..

This is HVC's stuff. I don't do logarithms.. ;)


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