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International Security Workshop & Conference

27.10.2008 - 29.10.2008


List of speakers & schedule:


I will be giving a full-day training with Rolf Rolles on "Introduction to Reverse-Engineering Executable Protections with IDA Pro" and I will also be doing a 90 minutes presentation on "64-bit Imports Rebuilding and Unpacking".

Zero will also be there to present something on DVL.


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few nights isnt living in warsaw or poland.

i just hope fifa will kick us from football championship in 2010 and close PZPN, and take away EURO 2012.

because then in at least one thing we will be first.

there is already a joke about it.

guy screams to tv: we will be first,we will be first

his wife asks from kitchen: in what?

he answers: we will be first from whom they will take away euro championship.

dunno if its more funny or more tragic.

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lol they are doing the world championship in south africa, i wouldnt be to worried about the ec being in poland :D

Every country/city has its deprived areas...

I've been to Warsaw twice for a week and I havent been raped there yet :D

I mean, I dont live there but it's a civilized country after all, if it was actually that bad, it would be some sort of running gag (like the stealing...).

When the WC was in Germany they were afraid of Polish hooligans playing havoc... what happened ? nothing...

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Teddy Rogers
few nights isnt living in warsaw or poland.

I have spent more than just a few nights out in Poland - it was some years back I will admit - but I am sure Warsaw hasn't fallen so badly in that time. It certainly wasn't one of the worst cities I have had the opportunity of living in - although it does have an over abundance of cheap living blocks all over the place.

Anyway I think this conference would be good one to visit if you can get there. Shame I am not in Europe over that period or I would make the effort to go...


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Anyway I think this conference would be good one to visit if you can get there. Shame I am not in Europe over that period or I would make the effort to go...

It sounds like a nice conference but with mostly networking oriented topics.

At least, 2 tracks of speakers allows to choose the most interesting out of the 2.

I extended my trip a little to go playing tourist around Germany.

I didn't plan to hang out in a Polish train station at night anyway. :P

It sounds like a good way to wake up in a tub of ice without your kidneys the next morning


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Warsaw, is surely economic not _the best_ place global (but, its downtown).

Poland has places, which are more ancient with only country fields. :rolleyes:

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i was born in poland but have only been back maybe 2-3 times.

Is warsaw such a bad place? I havent been back since maybe when i was 11-12 so it's been about 8 years.

I would love to attend this conference if only I had money. I feel like leaving australia lol.

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