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Codename: Horsepowa! :kick::lol:

uhmm... the uPPP template is inside the png image... :ph34r::teehee:

just save the image on ya desktop and open it with winrar... :lol:

hahaha.... am too lazy to uplaod...

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Me races off, saves image and double-clicks.Cool - bright'n'cheery.

What was that? Open with WinRar. HUH? Rename to file.rar and double-click.

Waiting, waiting, waiting........ What in the F***?

"Seek 'N Destroy.exe" - How in the ..., what on earth has...

Hmmmm. Clever f****.

Well, bugger me sideways to tuesday - that is a nice piece of trickery, Black Code -

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funny **** with the exe inside :blink:

But there's not really a template, only the exe. So ppl couldn't use it

w/o ripping the resources and figuring out the settings, right ?

Nevertheless.. the template rox :cool:

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oh... yeah, yeah,yeah.... my bad... its only the exe.... :kick:

forgot to include the template...I was a bit in a hurry that time.... :D

ooohh...btw, Ufo-Pu55y, are you going to make an update version of uPPP? :worthy:


i'll just fix the psd.... its quite messy.... then i'll upload the template.... ^_^

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Teddy Rogers
how did u do that?

I think it is more of a question of how WinRAR works because it scans the file for the first bytes of an archive format it recognises ie. the extension or format it is assigned to open.

All you have to do is append an archive to the end of a file, in this case to a PNG. You can also append ZIP, it works the same so I presume other archive formats will work.

7-ZIP is also able to recognize archive formats buried inside a file just like WinRAR.

Check out the image below, it is the same image uploaded by Black Code but I have now appended a ZIP archive to the end of the PNG. If you save it as a local copy change the extension to either ZIP or RAR and you will find WinRAR will open either archive - there are now two archives and two executables hidden in there... :)



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Teddy Rogers

Here is a solution for merging files.

Make a Cmd or bat and paste this:

Copy/b Image.PNG+Files.zip


Much the same thing for easily appending extra data to the end of an executable... :)


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