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Partition corrupt


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hey guys

Am in a bit of problem. while partitioning my new segate 160gig i ignorantly enabled this option


but after a couple of bsod my F:\ has got corrupted


has anyone been in a similar situation?

google wasnt of much help

which softwares do you guys recommend to use for recovery?

or any other alternate methods anyone can suggest to recover data?

the partition was 40gig with data inside around 15-20gig

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Main thing is that you DON'T WRITE anything on partition...

I suggest that you put another hard drive in your PC and recover data from damaged partition. Use some software for recovering (i advise you to use GetDataBack)


After you get your data from drive it would be good that you download diagnostic software for your hard drive and test for hardware problems!

hope you get your data back

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I have that setting enabled on both my HDDs (Seageate Barracuda and some Samsung 501), dunno if this is the Windows default, can't remember enabling that myself :o

But so far no data loss inspite of several BSODs and hard reboots via reset button. Guess you'll have to get a BSOD while it's writing the MFT or something to have it end up like this...

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@Teddy : Thanks

@donny : writing anything more will cause overwriting...i had kept that in mind. thanks

i tried "Power data recovery" and it recovered everything with any hiccups. works really smooth

@killboy : Maybe you should consider disabling that option because even i had done hard reset several times before but then one fine day it just becomes corrupt after a unintentional reboot/BSOD

am just going to format the drive again

Thanks everyone

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you have a point. I dont have any concrete reason.

The reason is probably because i got the corrupted message right after a reboot and the message clearly says that your data might get corrupted in case of a power or equipment failure. I have never experienced such a corruption before with FAT partitions.

I was coding a tool which hooked explorer and thats when the reboot happened but i dont think it can be the reason for corruption.

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i just formatted the partition. there is no point in running diagnostic test after recovering the data

it wasnt a virus maybe pure bad luck but no worries i have recovered everything

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