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Internet celebrities


Internet Celebrities  

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  1. 1. What do you think of Tila, Jeffree & Co.

    • I love them, they made it through the most up2date way.
    • I like some of them, but most are just annoying and famous for nothing.
    • I can't stand those, who do they think they are?
    • What? Never heard of any of them.

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what the ... lol

I mean I'm no celebrity professional or anything, but I should have heard about them if they were actually famous.

I'm a computer geek, at least I should know :o

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lol I may be a computer nerd, but who are those guys..

Then again, I even have problems recognising normal celebrities.. Not my thing..

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My, oh my, it seems MySpace is not where monkeys are being send in rockets wasting millions of tax payers money. :blink:

Or is it ?

Anyway, google kindly provided this page, that solves the mystery of these unknown celebrities. :geek:


Title : Tila Tequila for President :The bikini-clad singer who rules the musical democracy of MySpace.

Well, if it's talent what it takes to become famous, these ppl have got plenty. :">


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Another site for those that want to know more:


Useful for researching about Internet celebrities, 4chan.org (the site that is basically the Internet's toilet), as well as memes and other things.

Note: The site is mainly a satire site. So don't take really anything seriously on there, and there can be some offensive things there as well.....

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  • 3 weeks later...

Never ever even heard of this guys.

Well, Jeffree looks a bit like Emilie Autumn, hehe. Great colors. :P

But I don't know, if there is any interest for more just because he/she has 1,000,000 hits per second.

Some ppl would even sell their soul, I don't know if they really know what there are doing. ;)

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