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MSI Wind U100

Teddy Rogers

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Just ordered myself an MSI Wind U100 (in black) this weekend. Was wondering if anyone has had a chance to use one and tell me what they think?


I looked at all the other subnotebooks (netbooks) and thought the U100 seemed the best of the bunch.

I saw one of the Asus Eee PC (701) in the local shops around here and I wasn't impressed. The rest of the Eee PC lineup seems much the same. My Archos 605 seems to be better than this...


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i would never buy netbook. why?

they are smaller, more mobile but compared to normal laptops:

1.battery dies so fast

2.display is so small, well 10.2" 1024x600 isnt so bad compared to asus 7" ****

3.small hdd or mostly ssd space.

4.less ram

5.gfx can render only movies and 2D old games,because 3D there is a joke

6.they dont have any dvd drives

7.the price is high

yeah for 3/4 of this netbook you can get faster 1.8ghz or 2ghz cpu, 1gb ram, 120gb hdd, 15.8" lcd, dvd drive.

battery lasts longer. yeah netbook is lighter and easier to carry but too expensive. and they wanted to make it cheap.

but compared to other netbooks msi wind is best,largest keyboard, but small touchpad.

thats how reviews look.

here is good review but in polish:P

but pictures tell truth about wind


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I already own a notebook, just wanted something a little bit more portable. I'm not going to be playing games on it so there is no need for a full blown laptop.

Mines coming with 120GB HD and 2GB ram, I think that is more than enough for checking emails, writing documents and basic stuff like that. I think the price is reasonable for what it has to offer.

As for games there is some footage on YouTube of some games running on it and they don't seem so bad...


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I was dead keen on a Wind 4 mths ago when all the hype was around regarding this beast.

But MSI took so long to pull their finger out and actually release it here that I gave up waiting and in July picked up a Eeepc 1000H, 2 hrs after going on sale.

Fantastic little machine.. I overclocked it and had the Atom running at a comfortable 2ghz and had a Vista Experience score of 3.0. To date I have never seen this beaten.

Currently JB Hi-Fi have a 10% off sale and the 1000H can be had for a mere $538 (an fantastic price). [AUD]

However, I tweaked and tuned the 1000H to death and have now sold my toy a couple of weeks ago.

In two weeks time I am getting a Lenovo Ideapad S10.. this is the pick of the netbooks in my opinion - feature packed and a quality machine.

Would I own a Wind.. absolutely!! They are a great machine!!

Would I buy a Wind when a 1000H is $100+ cheaper.. no.

Would I buy either when the S10 is about to be released.. no.

The Lenovo Ideapad S10 is mainstream and you will be proud to bring it out at meetings etc..

My 2c worth..


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Teddy Rogers

Well the Lenovo hasn't hit the shops here and from what I can tell the specs are much the same as the U100 - most netbooks are very similar. I did think of waiting it out for the U120 to appear but I wanted a netbook before December and I have a feeling these won't hit the shelves until after the New Year.

My U100 is still to be delivered so I can't say whether I fully like it or not but I think I've made the right choice. The only feature missing which I had wanted was the 3.5G - that is to be included in the U120...


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I think some people don't understand the whole concept of what a netbook is supposed to be. If you need to do lots of serious work, play Crisis, etc. you may feel better carrying a 17inch state-of-the-art monolith around rather than a netbook - it isn't going to be your cup of tea... :P


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I finally got my Wind, I am quite happy with it :)

It took me a long time to figure out how to enable Bluetooth... :rolleyes:


Good stuff, I agree - their a nice little beasty :)

If you haven't sussed out this forum yet, add it to your bookmarks, it's a gem!


Bax! ;)

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I think some people don't understand the whole concept of what a netbook is supposed to be. If you need to do lots of serious work, play Crisis, etc. you may feel better carrying a 17inch state-of-the-art monolith around rather than a netbook - it isn't going to be your cup of tea... :P


Absolutely agree.

A couple of weeks ago my sister needed to buy a new notebook. I assured her that a simple netbook was more than enough for the things she'd do on it (word processing, emailing, chatting, no cpu/gpu/memory intensive stuff). Her choice soon fell on the Acer Aspire One (1GB RAM/120GB HDD/WinXP version).

It's cheap, small, and I'm impressed by the power of those little Atom CPU's. Although the screen is a little small compared to what I'm used to (17" vs 8.9"), it's easy to work with. Two things I don't like are the weird screen resolution (1024*600), and the tiny keyboard/keys. I guess that needs a little time getting used to. But in general it's feature-packed enough to do some neat stuff on it.

After a little tweaking (disabling unneeded services / startup items / removing pre-installed crap software), it now boots up in around 35-40 seconds, and shuts down in less than 15 seconds. :)

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Hello all.

First I know this post is a little past it's expiration date, but it's about time I posted. Being that there is no place for intros here, I would like to say hi to everyone. I have been dabbling in RE for 10 years now with no real luck. Mostly due to time and patience issues. I am now in the process of picking up where I left off because I am tired of getting viruses (lol). I also am into electronics and my current project is a smart home controller that is contolled via the parallel port. Anyway, I hope to make friends here and learn more about RE in the process.

Now....back on topic.

I purchased an MSI Wind about 1 month ago and love it. I have put this pc through the rigors and haven't had a problem yet. I run Vmware with Ubuntu, Bactrack 3, Win Server 2000 and DSL. I upgraded to 2g of ram and use virtual cd drive to mount iso's if needed. Most of my installs have been from the web or USB sticks. I was a little apprehensive about not having a cd drive but it has been ok. I also use this pc as a thin client for a ubuntu server. My only complaint is the keyboard is a little smaller and taken awhile to get used to. I also hate that it ships with XP Home but I have to say that this pc runs windoes better than others I own.

Anyway, glad to be here.



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