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Spore - Draconian DRM...

Teddy Rogers

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Is this DRM that has taken a step to far?




All the hated reviews and one *


It is a shame a company like EA needs to do this to their customers... :(


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The more companies come up with that ****ty sort of DRM protection, the more people will not buy it and get a crack somewhere.

In the end they're just making it worse :)

Apparently they don't seem to see the connection. I understand that you at least have to have a basic protection so publishers don't complain and you keep 9 year old casual gamers from copying it for a friend...

But that stuff is too much, considering the protection is basically rendered useless a day later with a crack by Reloaded.

It just makes the customer's life harder and takes away his right...

I dunno, there's no use in complaining... get a crack and play it, simple...

It just sucks that normal customers are forced to go the illegal way just to use the product they bought normally...

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And then the performance loss, even in themida VMed apps I can make 10 -20 mb in memory go away by just cracking it and those are apps..

Let alone Securom games, and in games you need the performance..

Nowadays it is just better to get a crack.. Less ****ty code and faster/less memory..

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anyway game is crap, like they say preview was nice final is crap. evolution points no matter how many legs you have. you have 1 leg level 5 and you will not run faster than level 5.

3rd level is some kind of simple rts,4th gather resources to build up civilization. i was already bored on 3rd level and 4th i doubt i will finish it.

and its stolen game nothing new. 1st of this kind was NES E.V.O and omfg this was great game. 2D but pure fun and gameplay.


talking about servers down and you cant play in future.

do you remember bioshock. still same drm. almost 1 year passed and they promissed patch with exe without drm after 3-6 months of game sale.

sorry but i dont see drm free patch. so use crack instead.

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Reloaded cracked spore and Vitality cracked the latest update for the creature maker..


PROTECTION .......: Securom

There was a fault in 1 opcode in our previous crack for this game. We

completed the entire game with our initial crack and were unable to find any

gameplay bugs or crashes caused by this code, but we decided to release this

fix just in case.

SPORE Creature Creator Update 1 01-ViTALiTY

Protection .: SecuROM 7.36.0012 & custom

was drm in there source or is it differant from whatever country they got it from?

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The Creature Maker, I think, is a completely different game. Vitality released Spore a few days before its official launch...


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