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Apocalypse Soon ?


LHC - what will happen ?  

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  1. 1. What will happen when the LHC goes online in September ?

    • Everything goes fine and the scientists will make lots of new discoveries
    • Everything goes fine and the scientists will discover new mysteries
    • Everything goes fine and the scientists will discover nothing
    • Everything goes fine and the scientists will find the world formula to stop all evil in the world
    • Nothing special
    • Nothing , cause they get a bluescreen immediately after startup ( look here: http://www.spiegel.de/img/0,1020,1218756,00.jpg / The laptop in the foreground seems to run windows xp ;) )
    • Something will go wrong and Geneva will disappear from the map
    • Something goes very wrong and the whole earth will disappear
    • The 'Combine' will teleport in and we need Gordon Freeman again to save the earth ;)
    • Apocalypse Now ! Did you notice that "The Day After" will be 9/11 ... ;)

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as you may have noticed, the new LARGE HADRON COLLIDER ( particle accelerator ) near Geneva, Switzerland has been completed and will start running on the 10th of September. Today the lawsuit to prevent the use of the LHC for scientific experiments at the European Court of Human Rights has been denied. The suitor feared that the LHC possesses an uncontrollable risk for mankind and the whole earth cause of the possible creation of temporary? black miniholes during the runtime.



So why not make a poll and lets see your scientific expertise on the coming events :P

Edit: Added Poll Option 10

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I think it'll be fine, but they won't find anything. Instead, they will only wonder why they didn't find anything, leading to new mysteries.


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Bah, who gives a damn? Like Ted said in one of the thread recently, there are better issues to be handled. If these guys have so much money, go ahead help the people who cant even get food to survive. I mean wtf will you "discover" from these experiments? Some secrets, and how exactly is that supposed to help common people? Wastage of time and money.

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I didn't know about this, but now I'm intrigued. Personally I think all will go right, at least with the startup. Smaller colliders did alright, so why not this one?

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We don't know what will happen, because this is the first time such experiments is done for real.

You can simulate many things, but the reality can be so much different, in the case a scientist missed one factor.

They will do it nevermind you like it or not and try to stop it, because the science does it not only of the money

like the genetic projects are still very far, that never should be done, very far against ethics and moralism. :geek:

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this question , like many other science questions , was / is / and will be discussed over and over again , it's normal , as science history shows that for many scientific discoveries there were some scientists telling one theory , and there were others telling a completely different theorry about the same thing , so at the end only one team will "win" ! :)

for example lets take a short look into so very well known BIG BANG theory from which, supposedly , in a giant explosion from infinetily small point (called the singularity) about 13.7 billions years ago came everything - space , time , and matter (and so on) , but on the other side there are many scientists who say this - BIG BANG BIG CRUNCH (even a scientific film of 2 parts is created based on this idea) , so who is the winner in this case ?

strictly speaking science was and still is dictaded (in many cases) by fad and fashion , there are the gurus who dictate the direction in which new ideas grow , and of course big money will go into big scientific projects (and it doesn't matter what exactly is the benefit for all the people) , it's unstoppable process , so for sure we are not going to stop this , so lets see in the near future..

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  • 2 weeks later...

Good Bye Johnny.......

Did you feel the prickle today when the first bosons were flying through your body after they escaped from the LHC ?????????????


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i reckon this idea is a brilliant one. through the work of the previous colliders like the LEP that enabled advanced technology to develop. indeed technology will be more advanced following the results of these tests.

All the unreasoned speculation about microscopic black holes do seem to have a point but also it does need a LOT of energy to form a black hole and personally i dont think the LHC has got enough to do so. ( e = mc^2 ).

meh rave period over.


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