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The Presidential Race...

Teddy Rogers

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Teddy Rogers

Anyone else tired of the presidential race for the White House? Unfortunately because I live in the 52nd state of America it is all that seems to be on the news these days :ermm:


In the Democratic Party corner with plenty of change but "not enough experience" we have... Barack Obama


In the Republican Party corner we have George W Bush 3... Oh! Sorry... John McCain



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Unfortunately because I live in the 52nd state of America it is all that seems to be on the news these days

Interesting statement. I live in the states and never realized this. I know

Puerto Rico is considered 51st state or is that Washington D.C.??

Yeah, politics as usual...

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I wanted Hillary to win...but Obama seems quite well, too.

I mean, McCain HAS some interesting program...but I guess just like all the other Republicans, he wouldn

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Albania is 52nd. Australia 53rd. Sorry Teddy :P

I don't think we should talk politics. So many people, so many different views. Messy times could come :(

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Ah, thats the news even here in India. From talks about Obama carrying an Indian God idol, to his speeches and other boring stuff... Nowadays its a bit lesser on the idiot box as there are other major issues for us to face. And Ted, you are virtually "living" in States for a long time now .. UK then Australia.. :lol:


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I dont watch television that often, no news anyway :">

Some time ago I listened to a podcast about him and racial issues in the US, but that's about all I know about him.

Couldnt care less who becomes the next Us president, like it makes any difference :rolleyes:

They all vote for him because he's black, that's all :'D

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Wow... Other countries actually follow our politics? Interesting... I want Obama to win... First year I can vote, too! I need to register still though...

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They are all worthless imo... they don't care about the people, they just care about themselves and their business partners... and money/power.

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US politics pops up even in the Korean news every now and then... I don't know that much about McCain, but Obama seems okay. :)

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I was tired of it before it started, every election year these candidates raise enough money to feed a small country and buy ad after ad knocking the other guy down. They each have to promise so many thing to so many people that little if any will get done. In the end it boils down to the lesser of 2 evils because neither one of them would be where they are without having screwed over everyone in their path along the way. So now you have made your choice, and its time to cast your vote....You cast your ballot and it gets counted by a machine made by a supporter of the other party. Probbally have better luck throwing darts at a phone book.


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Very wise words there, doc.

hmmm, UK as 51st state? Oh well, here's the deal. Any country

willing to have U.S. visit without a visa/passport is welcome for

statehood. :lol:

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Never understood the American politics.. How can you have only two parties that matter.. and one wins.. ?? Sounds not really democratic..

Ah well then again I'm used to able to choose between 71 political parties.. From tree huggers till communist weirdos..

Weirdly enough the most Christian party we've got seems incredibly tame compared to those two parties.. and most other parties are not even related to religion..

So many things I can't comprehend, why is gay marriage not an right.. Abortion, euthanasia, drugs etc..

And that John mccain, hell the things he says.. I'd be ashamed.. It's like bush all over again..

Weirdly enough you know 10 years ago I viewed the USA as one of the greatest nations of the world..

Ah well don't pay to much attention to what I post.. :)


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Weirdly enough you know 10 years ago I viewed the USA as one of the greatest nations of the world..

Unfortunately, you are not alone in this thought. It's really a shame.

We are viewed by our illustrious politicians and not by it's hard working, unemployed,

middle american citizen. But isn't this the views that most ppl have if taking

into account what they see in the media vs RL??

I'll up the ante on my original proposal. Those countries exporting

good quality alcohol at a cheap price will be given extra consideration.


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Some may consider me a conspiracy theorist after this, but I don't see where I could be wrong.

There is absolutely no difference between democratic and republican party. I'm talking from point of view of an object US foreign policy manipulates (I'll allow that there might be some difference in health care/education/...). History has thought us this. President after president, US has started new wars abroad. All bad things that happen get associated with one man (a US president), which gets recycled when pressure gets too big. I can't imagine that G. Bush is singlehandedly making all the important decisions that affect the world. What one president starts, other one continues. There is always, and this never-ever-never-not-in-a-million-years changes, continuity. Clinton delt with Bosnia, he got support on that, he delt with Yugoslavia, problems were raised and he was replaced. Bush came, finished the job busting Yugoslavia, went to Afghanistan, had support on that, went to Iraq, problems came up and is being replaced. Whoever replaces him will finish the job in Iraq, invade next country etc.

Basically, people only have illusion of a choice. There is NO difference.

To make the long story short, and answer the original question, I'd put my money on McCain victory. I don't support either of them, but that's how the big picture looks to me.

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had support on that, went to Iraq, problems came up and is being replaced.

It is for reasons such as this that our founding fathers imposed limits on the terms of office

for President. Eight years Max, even if you "Walk on Water".

I think other countries could benefit from this system, irregardless of the individual,

if you all know what I mean.


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My exact point was that person in the chair has 0 importance and influence on US foreign policy. I can't defend a statement that there is no difference in their pre-electoral promises, but I surely can that once they were brought to power they have done all the same things. They're not the ones who decide.

People are given illusion of choice. If there is no good choice, don't vote.

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Teddy Rogers

I bet the only time George W. Bush stopped listening to his advisors and made his own decision was when he took his country to war with Iraq... :ermm:


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I bet the only time George W. Bush stopped listening to his advisors and made his own decision was when he took his country to war with Iraq...

I'm not defending the Bushs by any means. They have collectively put the U.S. into a lot of debt,

and brought on a serious recession to the economy, however,

This country had 2 things which have triggered the events which many of you suscribe:

1) The war in Iraq is attributable to a continuation of a war that really never ended.

As many of you may recall, Iraq attacked Kuwait w/o provocation. Kuwait being a U.S.

ally (not to mention having ****load of oil) was protected. The war was stopped

inside the Iraq borders, but truly never ended. Weapons of mass destruction aside.

2) When the terrorists attacked the U.S. on it's soil and brought down the World Trade

Centers, it was an act of War. If terrorist reside in a regime open to protecting them,

they are considered enemies.

It's a very precarious world we live in. U.S. Presidents have all the appearances

of being figure heads and puppets of the Big Corporations elite. How much is fact

and fiction is anyone's guess. Remember though, that many of you are influenced

by the same biased medias that we are. Don't think for a minute that any country

with a brain and a pulse doesn't have it's own hidden agendas.

Maybe that's why our currency states "In God We Trust".


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Teddy Rogers
Remember though, that many of you are influenced by the same biased medias that we are.

One of the reasons that makes the internet great, is that you can read news from different parts of the world.

Sarah Palin picked up the job for Vice President to McCain if elected. It seems to be a bit of an odd pairing to me even though they agree mostly on the same issues... :dunno:


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Some things just make me laugh :)

1. There were no weapons of mass destruction.

2. War was ended by defeat of Iraq after they attacked Kuwait, and they didn't provoke US invasion.

3. US has weapons of mass destruction and they actually use them.

4. No regime has ever openly supported "terrorists". I put quotation marks, not because I don't think 9/11 was terrorism, it definitely was. I put them because you can simply label a country terror sponsors and do whatever to hell you want.

5. Most of US people are hypocrites for criticizing Iraq war. They criticize when war is not going smooth, not because of wrong reason it was started.

6. US ignores UN which were created to stop new wars from happening. Arrogance of the country goes so far that US athletes don't even take doping tests on Olympics and don't reside where athletes of all other nations of the world do.

I think I went outside the topic. Sorry peeps. I easily get fired up with politics :)

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Agree with cektop. Although, when you talk about Pakistan, they are one of the US ally, and it does support terrorism , at least in India and everyone knows about it. US government(read Bush) had said once, we dont interfere in policies of other countries :o ! What the heck was Afghanistan,Iraq? Whoever steps into Bush's shoes, one thing's for sure.. there would be no change in the mentality of those in the white house.

I easily get fired up with politics


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Well, I should better not tell about my possible voting. It could maybe have to much influence.

But I just hope the next one is not a member of skull & bones, that enough. :ph34r2:

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Yes, I am tired of it. The whole process it just too long. I'm happy with the new development with Sarah Palin. She offers something nice to look at while I'm watching the news. Since I'll have to watch these people on the news everyday for the next 4 years it might as well be her. :P


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Yes, she is not bad for 44 :D

Still... I wouldn't vote for McCain because of Palin. She seems like a person that will use and walk over people to get where she wants to go which is not good if your in the White House. I good potential for abuse of power :(

However she may be a really nice person, I have never met her... :lol:


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