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IS there a Way to get THE ORIGINAL link ?


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Hi all

was offline for quite a time due to some personal stuff and was not able to check up with general board .

I hope all is fine at SND :)

Anyways, i wanted to ask ..is there any way i can get the original link to a file which has been uploaded to a file hoster like MIHD or IFILE (the latter is the newer version, dats it)


Actually this service has got download links which redirect Directly to download page when opened and ORIGINAL link is lost.


original link : http://mihd.net/6gh5rmz

Download link : http://dl1.s21.mihd.net/shyvz835/test_file.txt (will work for 2hrs i think)

Looking at source/Download link its not possible (at least for me :( ) to infer the original link

They r using Jscript i think .

Is there any help regarding that, so as u get original link from a Download link?

Thanks in advance

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Well 1 way i found is to upload the same file again UNEDITED, so that its considered Duplicate and

On full upload it provides u the Already Uploaded Original link f the same file.

But this is really not worth it..as one needs to upload full files again. :(

NO answer yet.....Can somebody churn out a solution for this?

May b its a small issue nle but i m finding it difficult!

Thanks in advance.

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Oh ... >24 hrs and no reply :(

Can i hope for any solution? i know a person knowing java SCRIPTING stuff can help easily? :unsure:

I hope sm1 replies fast :help

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Teddy Rogers
pls stop pushing this over private PMs ! thx

You also got one of these :ermm:

If he carries on like this he is going to lose privileges to send private messages...


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See the problem in this case is that

There is one site which has hidden links of MIHD/IFILE..those are redirection links (coded by that site name) which directly redirect to download link, like these, for ex


As these links r temporary/dynamic, they r not f much use.

What i need to know is is there any way we can get

original link f the file, which is like this for ex.. http://ifile.it/6gh5rmz

pls stop pushing this over private PMs ! thx

If he carries on like this he is going to lose privileges to send private messages...

oops! :o i think i pasted that to many...sorry for that.. was bit urgent... thats y...

I wont in future :hug:

Anyway still also.... without a solution :(

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