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Hello Lena

I sincerely hope you get to read this.

I have been going to write this for about eight weeks or more now, but kept thinking about forum rule number 6 which asks us not to post lots of thank you’s, but I hope no one takes offence at me showing you appreciation.

I have been interested in reversing for something like eight years and have some old Crack Me’s that date back to 1999.

I never got very far with this as I was never able to find all the ingredients, there was always either a tool missing or the tutorial needed to use Soft Ice or something else would stop me.

However at the end of May this year I found some of your tutorials in a package by someone called Hypernode and have been like a child whose Birthdays have all came at once, (all 52 of them) ever since, almost everything is with the tutorial, and what isn’t, has a link to where I can find it.

You have and are still teaching me how to use Olly and other remarkable tools and I don’t believe it is possible to buy!! the information that I have read and learned, up to now, from your tutorials.

I fumbled through about the first ten of them (after franticly downloading them all) chuckling to myself, even though I didn’t really know what was going on, but amazing at the results.

I then jumped around a little before going back to number one, I am still not 100% sure what is happening with them but each time I go over them, it gets clearer and I don’t move on to the next one until I am fairly satisfied that I know what you wanted me to.

At my age I may be toooooo old to ever become what you would call a reverser but I am going to keep trying, I can’t remember ever finding anything more interesting.

Thank you very, very, much.



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Wow, your doing me too much honor, either way, it's appreciated :wub::blush:

... Birthdays have all came at once, (all 52 of them) ... //cut

At my age I may be toooooo old to ever become what you would call a reverser ... //cut

:wacko: Ehr, if it can comfort you: unfortunately, I have a meeting with Sarah next month too :o:blink:



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Hello KAMAG,

You are right. The Lena series are great. I myself have gone through them 3 times right now.

The downsite of this materials is that one tend to forgot information if not used on regular bases.

And most of the tuts are not used on regular bases (at least not by me :-) )

It's also nice to read there are still "older" people on the scene.

I thought i was one of the oldies over 30 under 40 ;-)

I was thinking about going to soft-ice and start learning something about it.

But that's way more complex. SO if any of you got some great tuts on soft-ice .....please !

Hey Lena, Congrads for nect month. And just give sarah a chair and something to drink ;-)



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Optiloc, thank you very much for taking time to relpy.

I have just gone through number 11. It could take me a long time to complete these as my concentration is easily interrupted when my family is around me. I might start one half a dozen times and not finish, so the best time for me to make progress is early morning, on a weekend if I am not working, I am up at around 6.40 and no one bothers me for a couple of hours. :thumbsup:

Best wishes from me also for next month Lena. Not too much alcohol, as you well know, it destroys brain cells and we wouldn

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