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Searching for good MKV/OGM converter


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well you want to recode or just change container.

avideux r0x in that way you can load mkv,ogm,avi,mp4 and do copy video,audio to another container or recode using xvid,x264


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avidemux sounds good human, thanks for the link.

Recoding is not essentially, I only want to have to whole video/subtitle/audio package in an AVI container since a converting program I use to convert all those videos to DVD-R doesn

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well subs in avi arent official so there is always problem with them. mkv,ogm and i think mp4 due its still not closed container support it.

even when i watch on web divx movie with subs in avi. shiity xbox 360 doesnt show them. i dont know what format of subs x360 support. i bet none.

i say super is crap due i checked it to use with my k800i, that supports xvid and aac in mp4 format. so only avidemux can do nice 2 pass quality recode to 320x240.

or for example change container. like you have mkv hdtv 1280x720 movie and x360 doesnt play mkv, in 1 minute without recode you can copy streams from mkv to mp4 and x360 plays it:P

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well avidemux doesnt support subs or more than 1 audio track. maybe they will add it.

its good just to encode or change containder without recode. virtualdub only supports avi.

and all programs aka all video converter they dont support copy streams only 1 pass encode in most of time.

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