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(x64) DVD decoders ? free ?


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Hi :)

I found media player 11 on Vista having problems playing DVDs properly, there's a picture but no sound...

The Business version doesn't have a DVD (= MPEG-2) decoder built in, I suppose this is the problem.

There's no DVD decoder for XP either, so I went and downloaded Nvidia PureVideo for XP (which isn't free).

Most DVD player software supports PureVideo (hardware acceleration via an Nvidia Geforce) but this is just a decoder 3rd party apps can use, I dont need some bloated WinDVD.

Anyway, it wasn't updated since 2006 and doesn't support Vista 64, so I can't use it with Media Player x64 as it only supports x64 codecs.

So, what I want to know:

Do you know of any decent x64 MPEG2 decoder ? Would be cool if there was PureVideo support but it's not really necessary, I dont watch HD movies :D

I was going to try ffdshow but it's pretty confusing, with 3 different version, one from 2006 alpha xx and a new one, also just beta builds.

How configurable and especially reliable are they ? I dont want them to crash like every 30 minutes.

Not sure if this makes a difference, but I need support for SPDIF output for my external Dolby Digital decoder...

Thanks in advance for any hint :wub:

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vista x64 have 2 players, btw everything IE,sidebar are in x64 vista x86 & x64.

you can also use anydvd to descramble on fly. and use media player classic that plays dvd vob avi mp4 mkv flv without problem and shows subs.

to decode just use http://ffdshow.info for spdif use ac3filter, ffdshow also should work. but once i played divx online stream with ac3, ffdshow couldnt decode it. ac3filter could.

problem with video players is that they use overlays and vista doesnt support them, until you replace some dll's with xp ones.

whole vista desktop is 3D

maybe also visit free-codecs.com there is a lot of tools codecs etc.

i dont have any crashes with ffdshow and use it to decode everything, media player classic for mp3,ac3 uses own built in decoders, but you can disable those and then it can use ffdshow or ac3filter.

what for install xvid,divx or any other if ffdshow can decode all,mpg,mpg2,wmv, well mpg long time ago wasnt full and stable, but mpc can decode it. just right click in codecs and set ffdshow to decode all stable with libavcodec.

latest is clsid build 20080721

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Dunno if u are looking for this, but I am using this pack for almost 3-4 years. No need for any other media player. Its called the K-lite Codec Pack, it has all the required decoders in it along with the Media Player Classic. Get it from here

And ya I m using it with Vista x86 Ultimate version, does not cause any trouble for me. :)


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do you mean you can't play *.vob file on windows media player?

I dunno bout you but I was able to download a codec (vista codec pack) somewhere on the net and I was able to play *.vob on my media player.

and yes the klite codec pack is also good :cool:

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MPC is a better choice to WMP, because you get a better control, which codec is actually loaded while playing a video.

If you want to use the common codec interfaces (for de-/encoding) like DivX/Xvid config. in your system with other video converter tools,

which doesn't have this build-in, your solution can be a codec pack like K-Lite Pack, because it has not only decoder.

elseway: ffdshow is all you need!

P.S.: ffdshow is available in different versions, because several support SSE extensions. (depends on your cpu)

EDIT: The SSE extension can give you a speed-up in encoding, decoding is not affected.

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Thanks for all the replies :)

I downloaded ffdshow x64, it doesnt really give me any info on what it installs, I would just like to install the needed decoders for watching DVDs :/

Which ones would I need ? MPEG-2 and AC3 ? Or do I need the DTS/DD stuff too, even if I forward it to my external decoder ?

K-Lite looks promising, also lets you choose what to install, dunno if it contains any x64 codecs tho :|

Dont really have a love collection with 50 different codecs used, so I wouldnt like to spam my OS with tons of codecs, I managed to **** up XP with a codec pack, nothing worked anymore...

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mpc has own internal codecs, so you dont need any to decode dvd. if its not css scrambled.

ffdshow has one codec libavcodec that decodes all, and you choose what format ffdshow should handle. i have all stable, for quicktime and realmedia you need qtlite and reallite.

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Before we forget it:

The old fellow VideoLan (VLC) comes also with build-in codecs, but its not yet supported for native x64.

So you have to run in 32bit mode.

May you can try this, grab a portable version


the free thinstalled version


nothing will change your system.

I managed to **** up XP with a codec pack, nothing worked anymore...

It was surely the Nimo Codec Pack.

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