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Teddy Rogers

I found this website posted on another forum regarding the game reviews, I must admit some of the reviewers comments seem to be a little outdated :rolleyes: Check out the Secular & Un-Christian Games reviews found towards the middle of the page especially the Bully review. I couldn't keep myself on my chair for laughing... class!



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Funniest site ever.

I particularly like the poll :

Do you use "cheat codes"?

- No, they are not Christian


There seem to be a footnote on the bottom.

Jesus Gives You Infinite Life!

For Sure. :D

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:lol: it appears jesus plays the PS3.. why in hell did god not make it play PS2 games.. :P

Here's a thought to pass on to any unsaved gamerz you know:

“U save ur game b4 u die... shouldn't u let Jesus save ur soul b4 u die IRL?”

k im off to play Bibleman: A Fight For Faith.. :P:worthy:

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10.22.2006: Bully is a very, very bad game. It promotes school violence, vandalism, disrespect for authority, and comic mischief. This was all expected when Rockstar announced their "Columbine simulator", but there's one surprise in the game no one saw coming: It teaches young boys to become homosexuals. Your character, Jimmy Hopkins, can "make out" with six other boys in the game and is rewarded with a health bonus (subtly teaching that homosexual sex is healthy). This content is hidden, not mentioned anywhere on the packaging or content rating. The game causes players to discover it by accident, then entices them to do it again and again, much like how actual homosexuality spreads.

LOL :blink:

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What would Jesus play?

Playstation 3

Xbox 360



Nintendo DS

<_< this is a hard question!!

bully is a very very bad game.. :lol:

rockstars are like supposed to have the image of what the game bully portrays..

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