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The Dark Knight...

Teddy Rogers

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No way this is better than the Godfather :o

Does this movie have anything to do with Batman begins ?

There seem to be tons of Batman movies, is there like a chronological order comparable to Star Wars ?

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This comes after batman begins which ends by introducing the Joker.

Its a remake of the first movie with the Joker.

Going to be seeing it this weekend. I believe its good but is slightly overhyped by Heath Ledger's death.

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saw few days ago. it's strongly inspired to novel of Miller "Batman: The Dark Knight Returns". The joker is absolutely similar. I didn't like Christian Bale, it's in my opinion absolutely a bad actor for that role. What saves the movie instead is Heath Ledger, that role was absolutely perfect. Probably seen his recent history he had something mad and found a perfect role for that.

Beside this the story is a little long, the movie is really long, but the sensation is the same you have reading the Miller novel: "but him (joker) never stops?"..

I liked it indeed.

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i just encoded it..gonna watch it before bed... (if anybody is lookn to grab a version thats out there-since theres many now-go for the STG release,also the itl.v2.0 isnt bad either)

@killboy...from what i understand batman begins is the 1st,there was a anime dvd released called gotham knights which is suppossed to tie in b.begins and this new one together,than this latest dark knight...


just watched...regarding to the release its a decnt T.s..if your "picky" than wait for a R5 or sumthn but its definantly watchable..the audio could be a tad better but good enough...

now as for the movie..its cool...really cool..and as shub said its long!! haha

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Well, when you look at the fact this was Heath Ledger's last movie before he's gone..

This might be one of the reasons to watch it, because he was a great actor. :secret:

(not only in ..you-know-what-I-mean) ..and maybe they added a few more special effects.

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This is one of the best action movie that I saw in recent time. Heath Ledger really has given a great performance, lives upto the reputation of Joker :) . There are a few movies which live upto the hype and expectations.

I didn't like Christian Bale, it's in my opinion absolutely a bad actor for that role.

I disagree, in fact he too has given a good performance! My sis wants to watch it 5 times more...hehe. And I definitely think that all those CAM releases take the charm away from the movie, its really worth spending few bucks and go to the theater(Although thats a bit costly in Indian multiplexes).

I say, a must watch for all action fans out there.


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Well it was a little long but still worth it, I took Blah's suggestion and the quality was pretty good. Took me a minute to warm up to the new joker....IMHO Jack Nicholson was the best joker ever, but this guy did a pretty good job.

As for watching in the theater... I dunno you can't smoke in a theater so you will rarely find me there + im a cheapskate lol


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im with dr.pep...i like the option to take a smoke break or even a bj when necessary ..hey,its only natural..its just a movie..lol

but 1 thing regarding the releases out there..the ITLV2 MIGHT be a tad better (but if u want 2 c it agin try the other version posted R**)..im gonna try 2night and i rarely watch a flick twice!!

its just a tad brighter (and this movie is dark overall)...SO...if u want to watch it id say go with the itl version..the STG is good but the ITL might let you enjoy the dark scenes a tad more...not by much though....

dont worry dr.pep...its the same flick but a tad lighter so u didnt miss nuthn ... ;)

great flick over all though...if nobody has seen it yet try to catch the 1st one (Batman Begins) to see how the character develops....not just another dude with superpowers...just a man...also especially good when you combine both flicks (and even that anime release inbetween as its suppossed to be seen.. Batman Gotham Knight ;) ) (and i dont like anime stuff but explains stuff) and yeah,its "out there"...


anyhow here sumthn that i saw regarding this flic...i still dont get why they blame torrents...that isnt the cause of piracey...(i just think torrents made it easier for people to have access to stuff they shouldnt have so quickly....eitherway it all gets "out" there....

A week ago the police arrested a man who tried to record the movie with a camcorder. However, they couldn
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I went to go see this movie last weekend. I must say it is the best film I have ever watched. It's a true shame that Heath Ledger passed away he completely re-invited The Joker brilliantly. If you have the patience to sit through a 2:30 hour movie then I highly recommend it!

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I saw it at the weekend too.

Not sure it was the best movie ever as Bale is slightly shallow and gets annoyong with his overly husky 'batman' voice; but its damn good. Ledger is as good as people say and although the movie feels long, it doesn't feel 2.5 hours.

Definitely worth seeing on the big screen too. Hoping to go again before it finishes.

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Teddy Rogers

If I want to go see The Dark Knight at the big screen I think it will take me 2.30 hours just to get to the cinema from where I am currently living. Well... I think there is a cinema at the destination... <_<


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lol, i would like to add one thing here.. although I don't watch many Indian movies, but 90% of them are >2:30 hours. A latest hit that was worth watching was 3:45 hours!! :o Too much, but people did go and watch it. You have interval half past movie for some refreshments(10-15 min usually).. Well thats the trend here.


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Excessive violence and darkness is so sad. Movie might not be to taste of one who has truly seen its real attributes in light of real life.

Nevertheless, sanity less performance of Heath Ledger, astounding. 'Hype' is fulfilled, and one is content.

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This movie is awesome :o

When that amazing soundtrack kicked in, I felt like a 9-year-old and it was pretty hard for me to sit still :D

It was awesome in the first movie, but even better in this one.

I also liked the moral aspect of the story, it appeared in the first one too but not as much as in the Dark Knight.

Probably better if youve actually read the comics, Ive seen the Joker before but never heard of Two-Face...

As for Heath Ledgers, I didnt quite get the hype, apart from him being dead. Not really bad but nothing spectecular either, not better than Christian Bale anyway :"> I loved the scene where he comes out of the hospital though, just wonderful :'D

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