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Reverse the iPhone?

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Dunno, actually.. ;) Iphone hacking is RE but it's somewhat specialized, ARteam has got some papers on ARM etc reverse engineering, but as far as I know we (SnD) don't have many phone/mobile/arm reverse engineers (anymore ?)..

Still I'd be interested also.. so if anyone has a clue..


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I posted details on our forum, look into the mobile section

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What you would like to know? I will answer all your questions :)

Thank you. :)

What is the difference between 'software' RE and 'mobile' RE?

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We are working with lots of dead listing on the iPhone. Basicly the real core stuff liek Baseband are 99% done with deadlisting and blind exploiting. It's basicly the same but far diffrent sometimes. Also you need to be very familiar with ARM or you won't win anything in the iPhone world.

If you are intresting in the techniques used for unlocking i.e. you might want to take a look into our old anySIM or new released xpwn sources. It will hint you some things. You can try to follow them by reversing i.e. the baseband bootlaoder and follow what we did on the older versions of it to successful unlock the device or inject the needed changes tot the bb firmware to allow cipher less flashing etc.

Other than that, if you are intrested in the revering of the system i think you should be aware that at least the appstore apps need to be unpacked from their DRM. But as you can get gdb from cydia to the phone and ahve otool for arm on the mac, you will easily figure out how to dump/unpack these fore reversing. The usale system apps from osx are just signed but since pwnage 2.0 made kernel patchs for you you can easily sign them with crap keys and they will work for you.

If you are intrested about my background in iPhone stuff, I am member of the above mentioned iPhone DevTeam and the admin of hackint0sh.org. If there are any questions on general topics towards iPhone reversing I am happy to help you to get into it. Just drop me a note here,

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I was always interested in learning about ARM. Couldn't progress much, but its great to see guys making life easier for iPhone users. sam, I would appreciate if you could give some links where I could learn about iPhone's firmware. Half of the things you said went over my head.. :lol: .I am just waiting for iPhone 3G to be launched in India. :)


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We have very little documented atm but enough for hours of reading. Sadly our old wiki was lost earlier this year which would have lots of value able infos for you. In any case be sure to check our new one: http://wikee.iphwn.org/ and read the technical areas. Specificly about the OS, get a unpacked copy of the ipsw, you will notice the structure of the system is much like in OSX, bsicly it is a mini osx for ARM. You can easily reverse the apps and driver with IDA pro which has very good support for mach-o arm these days. There is also some script from the old wiki floating around the net which helps you a lot with obj-c code on the arm platform.

Other than that, estential tools are class dump and friends and of course new otool with ARM support and a BSD with gdb on the iphone to ssh in and live debug in the system (you can get this from cydia on a pwned phone).

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Looks nice.. yup definitely quite some material for people like me, having almost no knowledge of iphone structure. If it is similar to the structure that of MAC OS, would be easier and less time consuming to figure out things. Thanks sam!



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Ok, Ilfalk went nuts ;) I must thank him anyways for his great support in pulling IDA's capacitys into the iPhone world that fast. This seems just to be a port of the macOSX version of IDA to the iPhone OSX, but no matter it's funny. I want that ;)

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