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"Support" Drones...

Teddy Rogers

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Teddy Rogers

I'm sure at some stage everyone here has had a run in with support drones. I have a product with a particular company and I wanted to renew it. I have had problems with them in the past and over the last couple of years fortunately had no reason to use or contact them. They have always been hopeless and taken ages to respond to mails but I was hoping after a couple of years things would have improved...

My problem was I logged in to my account to renew a product but the "renew" button for that particular item was missing. I sent them an email specifically stating I could not do this because that "renew" button was missing. After a couple of days waiting for a reply I get this:

1. Login to the Members Control Panel

2. Click "Accounts"

3. Under the "Shop section, click "Renewals"

4. Click the Renew button and follow the onscreen prompts.

I just want to pick up my poor defenceless notebook and beat it against a support drone. I just don't know why I even bother sometimes. Do these people even bother reading what anyone writes. Can these people read at all?...


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I think you would get just about as much help if they used autoresponders, seems I have to deal with these fockers no matter what I buy. If you actually do get to talk to someone about your problem, they go through their script and when you finially get it driven into thier thick skulls that your particular problem aint on their ****** list it is time to get transfered to the next moron down the line as where the process starts all over again and you have to explaihn your situation from the start and back to the list they go....Finially four hours to 5 days from when you started you have blood veins bulging from your forehead, unhelathy blood pressure levels and a sudden case of turrets, if you are lucky you figured out the solution to the problem yourself.

The sad thing is (yes it gets worse) stupid people are breeding in alarmingly high numbers, soon if not already we wil be out numbered, and eventually extinct.




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I get this all the time with online games and other online companies. For instance an MMO I used to play, their tech support is probably the worst ever for an online game. (Theres a rating site that conducts ratings of companies every year and this company has gotten F every year it has been online.)

Anyway, I was having issues logging into the game so I contacted them via live support, told the person I was connected to the issue, and he had the nerve to start with, "Please make sure you are connected to the internet.". I closed the window and walked away from my computer after reading that..

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lol, that was pretty good. I would not be able to do that without laughing.

Trust me he's laughing haha. You notice the pauses between conversation? That's when he's got his mic on mute and is probably laughing his head off.

This one isn't exactly technical support but it's still calling for support :P


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