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IRC Official dUP Skin


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File Name: IRC Official dUP Skin

File Submitter: Vi2DoubleYu

File Submitted: 3 Jul 2008

File Category: dUP Skins

IRC Official dUP Skin

Ok i made this skin special for IRC Official Indonesia Reversing Crew. I'm post on here cause i need to know bout your reply bout this skin for better next release. thanks you.

Thanks for Your Comment.... :)

Click here to download this file

Edited by Vi2DoubleYu
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wow great job...

nice skin dup

c0ol that's a amazing skin love it! good job mate :)

Thanks your comment and really thank for rate too.....bro.. :teehee:

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sweeet ! nice skin dude ! :D . keep up the good work
nice skin thanks Vi2DoubleYu :D

good work ;)

Thanks Bro, for your reply..nice to see that.

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Awesome skin :)

But ugh, IRC as a team name might cause some confusion later on ;)


Yeah, i know that will be make a confuse, but that skin has special req from IRC.and i post here cause i just wanna see your master gfxing exprience reply about this skin. so if i've mistake, i will do it better next time.and maybe i will make it without logo text.anyway really thanks for your reply, nice to see that. :)



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