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VMware Virtualization Seminar Series...

Teddy Rogers

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Teddy Rogers
REGISTER to hear the latest trends in application and infrastructure management using virtualization and discover the transformation of IT as we know it, from the desktop to the datacentre.

This is your chance to hear and network with industry leaders and peers in an environment that will enable you to create, deliver and maintain flexible IT environments and respond to changing business conditions.

Free sessions are on offer that will help you learn how to leverage the power of VMware infrastructure to manage IT service delivery, automate business continuity and increase business responsiveness. Other topics to be covered will also include:

• The Virtualization Infrastructure Stack

• Reduced power and cooling costs

• Application and Infrastructure Management

• Desktop virtualization

• Automated Disaster Recovery

Places are limited so be sure to REGISTER today to acquire the knowledge you need to move forward with your virtualization strategy. We hope to see you at the event!

Event Dates


Adelaide - Wednesday 9 July

Brisbane - Tuesday 15 July

Canberra - Wednesday 16 July

Melbourne - Thursday 17 July

Perth - Tuesday 5 August

New Zealand

Auckland - Tuesday 22 July

Wellington - Thuesday 24 July



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We had one of these in India about 3 months ago at a very prestigious institute(comparable to the MIT). The seminar was almost a joke, with VMware trying to "advertise" most of the products. And, the topics that they you've mentioned were all covered by them. There were people from Xen and other "competitors", and it was interesting to see how everyone was wanting to prove that their technology had a better scope. In short, if this is going to be the same seminar, then I believe its only for beginners or people with absolutely no awareness about virtualization.

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