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Little Comeback.


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Hey guys, I've been away for a long time just after I got the good word of joining SnD ):

Sorry for that, as a little comeback I made this for testing, just simple, buttons need work

I know just tellme what you think I've been from all of this for a while :)



Added as attachment.

Critics and comments please :) 10 minutes work so no big deal :D


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Hi F0X :)

Good work for this one.

But if u try to change the white color used in all controls (label+textscroll) to some

other more special, it will be great.


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Some nice work mate - good to have you back. Keep up the good work!

Thanks :) I will I will, bit busy lately with all, but I'll do us some more gfx asap !

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Beautiful work mate. keep it up :) dunno why you want to do a different version but what do i know about gfxing hehe :)

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