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This is my First GFX Program, Looks Like a KeyGen

I Made it in Visual Basic 6.0

Please Comments =)

Hey there. Pretty nice - I be brief.

Graphics + Music --> :thumbsup: Cool, nice pic & choice of tune.

Error Message when hit RGB button (with non-zero value) --> :blush: Not so cool


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yeah i got that prob too. prob on rgb button.also maybe this post should on too on trade section. anyway that nice tool actually :D keep good work.

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Thankz =)

I fixed the Bug =)

Now its work =)

If you enter Hex Color Please without 0x =)

Example : RGB 48 191 0 = Hex : 0x30BF00

If You want Convert the Hex Color to RGB enter only 30BF00

Than its work =)

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Name of this Music is Hornor

Thanks your quick reply, but um, er, ahrm - that's not it.


Here's the original. I'd simply love to get the music from this one. Sure it's an XM? I only ask because I can't find the text "Extended Module" in the unpacked exe file anywhere....


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Can't believe I was so stupid this morning - why the F was I looking with a hex editor? :blink:

Just opened it up and ripped the resource out with PExplorer.

The song is called FantaZy, & it's a ST3 [EDIT]s3m (ScreamTracker, whatever)[/EDIT]. Still can't get over the fact I was so :stupid: this morning. Time for more sleep, less reversing...

Anyway, thanks for the tool & extra thanks for the music.

For anyone that's interested:


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