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Teddy Rogers

I don't know what you mean about the skin it looks fine to me :)

The widgets, it doesn't come with any. You have to go online to get them. I have not had any problem with bookmarks and duplicates and if there were you can easily delete them - its no different from other browsers :dunno:

You can customize all the menus and options, with a couple of clicks - it to is no different from any other browser... :dunno:


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Anyone else tried Opera 10.50, thoughts? I have been using it for the past few days and I love the changes, especially in Windows 7. It also seems to be faster browsing and scrolling through pages to,

Opera 12 has been released with a 64 bit version and support for hardware acceleration and WebGL support (needs to be enabled in settings). Seems to be working a lot better rendering page content here

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My dad's laptop (win98 with 200mhz) uses opera because my father still knows opera from his DOS days.. I prefer Chrome mainly because opera became slower and slower on win98, I don't bother to download it for XP


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I am officially thanking you for this statement cause I always go in a deep ideological debatesboxing.gif with my friends about opera and I always defend it.....THANK YOU.biggrin.png

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Teddy Rogers

Opera 12 has been released with a 64 bit version and support for hardware acceleration and WebGL support (needs to be enabled in settings).

Seems to be working a lot better rendering page content here with a lot less memory usage...



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Teddy Rogers

Opera 15.0 Next has gone to beta. If you haven't already heard the rumors regarding the future of Opera it is going to be using the same engine in Google Chrome (version 28 and onward) and Chromium...



Opera 15 is a major reinvention for Opera. Going forward, the browser's source code will be based on Chromium and Blink, a fork of the WebKit rendering engine.


Everything for this browser is new:


- New rendering engine based on WebKit

- New user interface

- New capabilities

- New features

- Improved site compatibility

- Silent auto updates


As Opera has recreated its desktop browser, the Next builds will introduce features selectively and iteratively.



You can find it for downloading and trying out here...





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I have been a on and off Opera user for a long time now, probably ever since netscape was discontinued... Anyway I have to say this new version of opera seems to be its best version yet, It doesn't feel over bloated with options like previouse  versions, It feels very much like google chrome with nice sutle features like speed dial ect.. I guess using the chrome engine has made it feel a lot smoother. I am impressed so far with this new Opera and look forward to seeing future versions

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Teddy Rogers

I can fully understand why Opera chose to follow the Chromium engine but at the same time I can't help but feel a bit betrayed that they gave up with Presto. Sure their rendering engine had problems with some websites but that's partly because they tried to get websites to follow industry standards rather than bending the rules to make their engine work.


What will be good for Opera is that Chrome extensions should be fairly easy to port over and the engine is going to have a lot wider support and compatibility and a lot of other benefits for the future. I'm also hoping once they (Chromium, Chrome and Opera) purely start using Blink the browser should get even more streamlined...



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