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Teddy Rogers

Anyone who has used Opera for any length of time will know quite clearly that it is the best browser to have ever graced the planet (TiredFox users don't need to pipe in here :lol: ). To make things even better Opera recently had a version bump to 9.50. Unfortunately not everything is sweet...

Why-oh-why did they change the default skin to that horrid wanna-be-like-Vista looking monstrosity... :cry:

Fortunately though someone was good enough to create a 9.50 skin to make it look like the previous versions. Add to that the fact Opera is even more whooping fast at browsing and viewing pages now, its Opera with rocket boosters :)

Does anyone actually like the new default skin?


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(TiredFox users don't need to pipe in here :lol: ).

*Pipes in* Firefox 3 Final officially released tomorrow :)

Opera 9.5 does look good actually, especially with some of the new security features. (e.g. Opera distinguishes between local servers on localhost, intranet servers, and remote servers on the Internet. Local servers can use remote resources, but not vice versa.)

Still like the Firefox plugins like Webdeveloper, Tamper, Firebug, Hackbar and LiveHttpHeaders too much to consider switching though :P

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Uh ? Updated but missed that vista stuff, coz mine is skinned. But some details in the skin f* up with the update :\

Checked now.. Vista skin doesn't look that bad over here ? Not that I would use it..

Opera's my full time w*, but still no way w/o FF or IE sometimes. Loki knows why ^^

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  • 2 weeks later...

ohh the new version is pretty cool. I used the old versions for a bit but they were a bit buggy so firefox was my friend. This 9.5 is more stable and indeed more faster. I am back to using Opera now :D .

I think you are right about the skins, the old one looked better but i am not complaining, i am happy with the performance :D

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Happy to meet Opera fans overhere! :-)

I like better Opera then "TiredFox" ( :D ) even with those great plugins. I have to say that for me it doesn't look weird the new skin.

And the browsing speed is awesome!

Opera rulez!

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How come my opera is so slow? and it has no progress bar..

Because your proberly looking at the bottom right hand corner??

Have a look at the top URL box to the right instead "Elements: 82/82" <-- that give a nice status :)

Hmm I have'nt used Opera for nearly 10 years, SO yeah it has made some big improvments, I actually like its current release, thanks to this topic I decided to download it again. What I dont like is the limited options it has in it configuarations, for example when I right click a link and select open in new tab , I dont really want to set focus on the new tab but rather just open it and let me move over to new tab when im ready, It does seem faster than firefox, I can'nt say if its faster than explorer or not because I have'nt used explorer since version 6 , other than windows updates...

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it acts strange on my pc from day-0.

Files i wanna download dont appear on the list until completely downloaded (i see network activity for several minutes so file gets downloaded - dunno where - its internal buffer i guess as in opera's temp folder no new file gets created), and then with amazing speeds (5mb/s etc) get "downloaded" at once (i guess writen do disk from a buffer).. this i could live with if after adding several files simunltanieously it would not crash the damn opera main process.

does anyone had similar issuess with "transfers" tab in 9.5 opera?

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hmm The transfer tab does'nt do that with me, As a matter of fact it gives real stats on the progress of the downloaded file, It also asks what folder I wish to save the file in before downloading

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Teddy Rogers
It also asks what folder I wish to save the file in before downloading

While it is waiting for this decision it also starts downloading the file, but to its temporary cache...


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I got predefined download folder. Any option to switch in order to fix my problem?


last version 9.2x worked perfectly.

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I had tried using Opera in the past and just couldn't get used to it over Firefox from before.. with Firefox 3 out now though, I think I might be switching to Opera. There are so many downsides to FF3 over FF2 and it is very disappointing to see that there are more negatives then positives in my case.

The beta versions of Firefox 3 ran better then the full release for me, it's that bad.. Some things I have had issues with FF3 so far:

- Various memory leaks almost everytime I run it.

- Almost always gets stuck in memory for no reason.

- The new 'Awesome-Bar' is the most annoying thing ever created. And is not configurable or able to be replaced without plugins that do not work fully.

Those would be the most major issues I've had so far.. there's other small annoyances as well.

So I might be making the switch to Opera fully :s

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  • 1 month later...

Well yes i Alos find FireFox 3 bit annoying and resource intensive than FF2.

Actually, i hav got a machine with less resources at hand like 512MB ram and a gigaHz processor

Upon running more than 6-7 tabs ... its is too slow to run,,uses up all processor :(

Well i tried NEW Opera and its really GOOD, This new versions browsing Speed is AMAzing..i really got amazed ..thou i m not that a "SouOpera" Fan. :lol:

Its less resource intensive too

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Opera's new 'quick search' is pretty nifty too. :)

When you only have a faint memory of an article/webpage you read a while ago, and can't remember the exact name/url or how to reach that page, just type in a few unique words or phrases in the article and opera will find the page for you in the history cache quickly and effectively. ^_^

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Teddy Rogers

Opera 9.5x is absolutely great except for one of the most annoying bugs that prevents me from upgrading from Opera 9.27 on my main box...


Why does this button in AdminCP never work and why do the developers never reply to my bug report? :(


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I tried opera 9.50 a few weeks a ago. Such a crap. How can they release a software without proper testing. I had to go to my task manager every time to fully close that memory eater. Also i cannot go back to my previous version. For me opera is useful only to save files as .mht format.


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well i dont know why you guys got so many problems, it works superb here, in fact a lot faster than FF/IE. And memory usage, its usually 0 and with many tabs opened, goes upto 30/50% i think.

I am loving it :D

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  • 2 weeks later...

i also mostly use opera , especially for downloads , for browsing i also use mozilla , sometimes IE7 , but one thing about opera - they are making beta after beta , even they release final version , the next day u can see the new beta (something similar happened in these days) , and it goes AGAiN , AGAiN.. :lol:

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yes indeed i don't download beta versions , but everytime i see beta i read also a changelog , if there are some important bug-fixes or so , then i download beta also , but that's very occasionally.. i don't use all Opera's futures , i just simply use it fro browsing & downloading , and even i experience any bug , i just go to other browser on that day , then next day i'm again with opera.. :D

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  • 3 months later...

Some features that I have been wanting to see in Opera look like they will finally make it in 10:

What's New

Below is an overview of the new functionality in Opera 10.0 Alpha 1.

Presto 2.2 Engine

Opera 10.0 Alpha 1 includes Presto 2.2 (Kestrel includes Presto 2.1.1), an updated version of Opera's Core. Presto 2.2 features numerous new features and loads of bug fixes, such as:

100/100 and pixel-perfect on the Acid3 test

New regular expression engine, which greatly improves performance

Improved CSS performance

Pretty-printing of unstyled XML

Web font support

RGBA and HSLA support

Selectors API support


The long awaited auto-update functionality is here! That's right, Opera will now update itself as new versions are released. And for those of you who want every single snapshot release just enable the "Download All Snapshots" setting (opera:config#AutoUpdate).

Inline Spelling Checker

Opera now checks your spelling as you write! The inline spelling checker is enabled by default for multi-line edit fields and this Alpha comes with a US English dictionary. Use the context menu of input fields to change the settings, and to correct spelling errors. See the detailed changelog for information about using other dictionaries.

Opera Mail Improvements

Rich Text Composition

Opera Mail can now send rich text messages! You can insert inlined images, styled text, links, custom HTML, and more! You can also forward and redirect rich text messages or reply to them with styled text.

In the account settings select "Prefer HTML formatting" in the outgoing tab so that you can start writing rich text mails by default in our WYSIWYG editor!

Remove from server after X days (POP-only)

This new feature is for our POP users with limited server space. Opera Mail can now remove messages from the server that have been there for X days. Of course you can limit Opera Mail to only remove read messages from the server, and/or only fully downloaded messages, which works great in combination with low-bandwith mode.

Other Changes

When viewing a message, the message subjects are now a text field again instead of a button. We have added also a "Thread" button to the message list toolbar to make some features more visible.

Widget Improvements on Linux/UNIX

We have added experimental support for true transparency for widgets on Linux/UNIX. For this to work you have to have an X Server that provides a 32-bit visual device and a running composite manager. If you start Opera from a terminal it will print this message if it detects a suitable 32-bit visual device: "(experimental) ARGB visual detected: Use '-visual 0x6f' to activate it".

If you have a composite manager running you can then try it out by starting Opera with: "opera -visual 0x6f" (0x6f may be another number on your machine).


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