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ReCon 2008

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RECON is a computer security conference being held in Montreal. The conference offers a single track of presentations over the span of three days. RECON also offers a variety of technical training courses that take place just before the conference dates.

13-15 June 2008


Guest speakers:

Ilfak Guilfanov

Michael Strangelove

Other not-so-famous speakers you might know:



Woodmann will also be attending.

Slides and videos of the past editions are available too.


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Conference Details

The conference will be composed of 30 and 60 minutes talks on a single track, and will have lightning talks during Recon Party.

Guest Speakers

Ilfak Guilfanov - Building plugins for IDA Pro

Michael Strangelove - Hacking Culture


Pierre-Marc Bureau - How I learned Reverse Engineering with Storm

Tiller Beauchamp - RE:Trace - Applied Reverse Engineering on OS X

Sharon Conheady and Alex Bayly - Social Engineering for the "Socially Inept"

Bruce Dang - Methods for analyzing malicious Office documents


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Iam guessing

Mohammed Fadel Mokbel - Towards an Embellished Macro Descriptive Language for Reverse Assembly Code

Edited by rylisa
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Imho Loki's right, the one rylisa mentioned is tHE mUTABLE imho. Would be glad if someone could post video references to ReCon 2008 as soon as they're available, already read over at ARTeam that there might be such again.

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ReCon 2008 is over.

It was a really great experience meeting so many interesting people like Ilfak and Woodmann.

The conference videos should be available in a few days.

Michael Strangelove's talk created quite a big reaction. :P

Nicolas Brulez had an unscheduled/improvised talk to replace the tHE_mUTABLE who couldn't make it.

I strongly recommend ReCon to everybody.


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Teddy Rogers

:plus: for the presentation video. Would be really good if you could get it online so I can check it out... :thumbs:


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I sent Teddy a link to my video to add directly to the archives here.

So, nag him now. ;)

It will be available too very shortly too from http://www.iitac.org

My tool will be released there too probably at the same time.

The official ReCon videos are being uploaded right now to http://www.archive.org like the previous ones.

If I heard right, there is about 20GB of videos.


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The video I sent Teddy is now available for the ReCon website along with my pdf slides.

As I said earlier, the official videos recorded live are not out yet.

I recorded this one after the conference so it is available before all the others. :P

The live version is funnier though.

Also, I messed-up a bit my live Armadillo demo. :(

But it happens...

So this video is a little less than 60 minutes with voice and a TOC.

And the Armadillo demo works. ;)



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Some great looking videos and presentations in there TiGa, looking forward to having a decent look through.

Thanks for the link :thumbsup:

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