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uPPP-tRUE-Soul Reaper


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File Name: tRUE-Soul Reaper - Skin on req.

File Submitter: Vi2DoubleYu

File Submitted:22 May 2008

File Category: uPPP Skins

tRUE-Soul Reaper

(Skin on req).

Hi, i'm bring a new uPPP skin special on req from FLeXuS_GReeN-tRUE. this skin a little gothic like he want and absolutly with UFO-Pu55y command, i've done with posterize and uPPP skin helper for font.anyway that goddes tools really help thanks so much fly to UFO-pu55y. and still on the way, i need your reply comment and dont forget rate for me.

after this i wanna take a rest and i need back to mix song. see u another next release....

NOTE : for text application,website,author you can change by your self if you have prob with it.cause background more brightness, try using more dark colour(you can see my sample for prob).sorry for not perfect.

dont forget give reply and rate... :thumbsup:

Also for FLeXuS_GReeN : when you release using this skin, hope you give me a little space for put my name inside there. :)

Flying my Best Regards to all members


Click here to download this file

Edited by Vi2DoubleYu
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Hyperlisk : thanks :) , and double thanks too for rate it.

seem FLeXuS_GReeN not yet know i've finished his skin..... thx bro. rgard too tRUE team .

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FLeXus_GReeN : hope you like it dude.. :) , don't forget bout a little space bro... :D

Xspider : like ussualy, thanks.... :) and nice i hve got 4 star for rate...regards 4 you all.

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