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New Idea for Keygen Sound

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WTF :blink: are u seriously thinking of this XD the dude is a damn road runner.... look at him lol finishing stages with mixing :P

that's weired i never thought of such a thing espcially for Mario games case lol.. (god help us) 0 if he wishes to i dunno !

UFO might take a second thought asbout it right ;) ? hehe


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:lol: UFO, more inspiration please! -It's a nice work from this guy, to synchronize Backroundmusic and (i hope so) realtime gameplay(-sounds)

Anyway, here's the Original-source (to hear what's changed)...


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Haha I just found these the other day too. You can actually build the zones like that using a JP tool. One of the YouTube entries for these vids has the info on what you can use to do it. It seems pretty cool but probably very time consuming to get it perfect lol.

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