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What should Call this...? Flashtro..?


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hi, back again with this idea. but before i dunno where i must post it ( need admin help ).cause this the first had been released, i name it flashtro .this app like crackthro but still need more improve.especially for the size. if imposibble make this flashtro with really small size, we can include it for we are reversing,pathcer or anything.many must to be improve.this just my idea and still need your replly.

this time release this flashtro for member team,next release special for Seek N Destroy.

sorry not yet have screenshot but you must see it.

rate it, leave your reply and your got my regards.


Download Here


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I like the bg music:)is it god is girl?

really cool.How to find such latest xm?or u created it by yourself?


hmm.I forgot it's a flashtro.it may not be .xm file

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Feisu : yup..that is god is a girl, and that not on XM i make it for flashthro with injected file midi. :)

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quosego : thanks if you like it.soon for SND will be ready to post..just wait it...

juexing : no, that my friends meake it using they midi keyboard.just homemade. maybe not yet have posted for this version. but i think you can try googling to search different version.



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