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No Shell Zip Functionality


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This being a Reversing forum, I'm hoping that at least someone will know how to fix this. I deal with ZIP archives alot for my work, and they have simply stopped being able to be extracted via the shell.

Didn't know where else to post this, but I have lost the ability to extract files from a ZIP folder through the windows shell.

If i double click a ZIP archive, the usual new windows explorer window pops up. If i then try to drag ANY files AT ALL out of that folder/window, the "moving file" dialog appears, but no file is extracted and/or moved. I will even get the asked confirmation to "replace and existing file" to over write it, but then after confirming, no file is extracted and the original file that was to be overwritten vanishes.

I CAN extract ZIP files if i use WinRAR, but there is something seriously wrong with the shell ZIP functionality. Does anyone know how to fix this. Ive searched all around, and the only solution seems to be some Registry tweaks, but they do not work in my case. Any ideas?

EDIT:******** Found a solution. The ZipFldr.Dll somehow got messed up. I found Dial-a-Fix, which fixes alot of Windows mess ups, and it fixed the problem in 3 seconds.

In case anyone has similar problems, or others; here is the link:


I tried a Google search, but mistyped a keyword by accident. That lead me to a forum about Dial-A-Fix. Mods might want to consider leaving this post up in case someone else has the same problem, or has another really weird situation that this might be able to fix. It literally fixed my problem in 3 seconds.

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Its much easier to set the the build in zipper with short commands from run.. and typing of:

regsvr32 zipfldr.dll

(for activating)


regsvr32 /u zipfldr.dll

(for deactivating)

But this tool is handy and get a place in my tweak collection. ;)

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