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Fired Scroll--updated with 2 new smaller templates


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File Name: Fired Scroll--updated with 2 new smaller templates

File Submitter: Feisu

File Submitted: 10 May 2008

File Updated: 11 May 2008

File Category: uPPP Skins

Hello everybody.This is my 3rd attempt on making an uppp skin:P This time a little simple.But still took me lots of

time:)Hope all of you like it.Any kind of comments is welcomed! Btw,I don't know if I'm allowed to write SND in picture. Since I don't know which team to credit and I don't want to leave the space blank.Just thanks SND for provided such a great board to us share the things together and Ufo-Pu55y for such a great patcher. example.exe is included as usual



fired.scroll_smaller.rar and freeze.scroll_smaller.rar is included in fired.scroll.rar

Click here to download this file

Edited by Feisu
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Mate, everything is nice except two things:

1. Fire is not realistic.

2. Size - make pics smaller 320x240px at most for the main frame

Keep up the good work ...


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Thanks for your reply.I didn't really know about 320x240px before.It's very helpful.Thank u very much.


Here is the 320x240px edition ,just resize every res to fit it as a smaller skin.



here is the download url with example.


and how about this freeze one? :P



Edited by Feisu
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