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Mass Mirroring Files...

Teddy Rogers

Mass Mirroring Sites...  

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  1. 1. Which mass mirror do you prefer?

    • http://www.massmirror.com/
    • http://tinyload.com/
    • http://www.uploadjockey.com/
    • http://www.sharebee.com/

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Teddy Rogers

I am curious what members on this board think about the following mass mirroring sites in the poll question.

If any of you have a moment please upload a file to each of them to try them out and then vote and tell me what you think. I have chosen these four - there are more - because they are not heavy in popups and annoying ads like most of the others not listed here.

The kind of thing you should be looking for before voting is speed, reliability (does it successfully upload to the other mirrors), ease of use and what ever else you think makes it better.

Please try them all out, give it a few tries/days before voting and please remember this is mass mirroring so no one ask why Rapidshare or similar is not listed... :rolleyes:


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Teddy Rogers

I knew someone would mention others :)

I didn't put those two in the list because they are very slow, or seem to be for me, at uploading files...


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Teddy Rogers
ftp2share.com the best :)

Maybe but you need to register an account there to login before you can upload...


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Uploading with uploadjockey sucks, no cancel button, no current speed or time left...

Sharebee is pretty good at that, but just uploads to 4 websites...

I like massmirror the most even tho it's got like the ugliest website I've seen in years...

Uploading is pretty fast, it even calculates the estimated dl speed and has 8 different mirrors.

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Well a good 1 is not here

http://www.shareonall.com (ALAS, it shut down abt a week back)

It was one f the best with about 10 mirrors to upload to. Even ACCOUNT linkage with RS, Remote upload, good Upload speeds..NEED to register thou,Obviously for dat much)

Anyways frankly Speaking

MASSMIRROR is good to an extent ( got Remote uploads too )

ACTUALLY, this is 1 thing which all these daily hosters havnt got as thst kicks them hard,bcoz people, who use REAL mirroring power, really remote lot f stuff )

Tinyload hasnt got much options than RS and MU...Divshare is biased towards dl's frm asian countries

Sharebee .again the same nle rs and mu .ZSHARE sucks with speeds now a days so use uploading there

Infact sharebee is out there for so long and this is what they still have to come out with


UploadJockey is ok with remote uploads (but this service remains quite a time undr maintenance)

Ftp2share is good ..but Registration is there as ted said (BTW i dont think a few seconds registration shd come in our ay to deal with a good mirroring site in anyway)


IT is bad at Remote uploads which take even ages

and who said http://www.speedyshare.com

I dat a MAss mirroring site??????? UPloaded a 300 kb pic after 30 seconds on 2mbps connection, Then a download link with PERSPOT ad with bikini girls showing what not ,& a good big Popunder f the same ...NO MIRRORS

Well anybdy knows abt any Mirroring site which Remote uploads or evn simply uploads to Good ,Simple hoster like MIHD.NET or IFILE.IT?

I Would be very thankful :)


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Teddy Rogers

This is not a mass mirror site however... I was downloading some wallpaper packs earlier and noticed there were no waiting times and good download speeds from the free accounts. Not sure how long that will last but for anyone interested:



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