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Teddy Rogers

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Teddy Rogers

So this link doesn't get lost when I delete the redirected forum in the next minute or two I will make it a sticky instead...

If you are after some artistic tutorials you can find a few of them here which have been made by various members of this board. The link is:


If you want to write your own tutorials and have them added here please send them in... :thumbs:


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i get 403 :-( no matter if i click directly or try to open in new tab

and there are so much things i need to know :biggrin: :ermm::confused:

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Teddy Rogers

Yes, that site is down and has been for a long time.

You can find some of the tutorials in this forum if you have a look through it. Maybe someone else will be kind enough to post any that are missing...


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Heres another popular site with a billion links to other sites with tutorials for all kinds of things, this is my personal favorite for finding tutorials for Photoshop:

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