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Id like to hear any n all , how n how 2s in people who have formated a drive internal or external and Rcovered files,data,text,whatever, after ... thankz

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You're Irish... yet that made no sense! What exactly are you wanting to hear about? How to recover deleted files, whether its possible etc? Or something else like a nice story where someone recovered their files and lived happily ever after?

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where someone recovered their files and lived happily ever after

I did ! I replaced my music library (all my mp3 files that is) with another one (long story).

Anyway, I was smart enough to empty the recycle bin to 'recover space'.

2 days later I noticed some of the old music wasn't in that library so I downloaded a program, recovered the files and lived happily ever after :D

Just dun remember da app name no more :dunno:

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I've recovered files after formats via File Scavenger. Pretty nice tool that works great. Has a a fairly good ratio on recovering too. Was able to almost fully restore a hard drive with it. About 90% was restored.

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cum 2 think of it last format i did i needed to get sum pix i lost and used this app Recover My Files v3.9.8.5784 to get them (probably a new build by now though)..

good luck

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Ok, there was for 2 weeks really the situation and a file was deleted too fast,

well 4 o'clock in the morning thing happen.. :wacko:

It was a rar pack around 50mb something important for me,

the oodiskrecovery tool took a while I think it was 30 minutes (the partition had only about 100gb),

but with filter for archives it didn't existited anymore. (nah, partition was not defraged.) :unsure:

You know, look what fileformat your partition has and is it supported.

There is no guarantee, that you can recover everything, but single files like txt, jpg, doc - are very easy.

Just try it out, its not the right time to think about Formation, when the hdd runs fine. B)

Exept you have boot errors, the system is instabil or has big problems.

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