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Hello all friends of tuts4you.com,

Do you know to unpack all packers over the world or how many packers did you unpack successfully ?

I have an ambition to unpack "all of them" :smile: and first we should collect one targets (this can be more if neccessary) for each packers then unpack it with your ability and post tutorial here to make a bigest collection of unpacking tutorial (video tutorial only for best viewing)

To prevent duplicate, we should just post the link of video tutorials already posted in our forums

Then, Teddy or any advanced reversers can organize the collection or make any tutorial series like Lena151 series for all members.

and it should be update often !

How do you think about this ?

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If you go to tuts4you.com and look in the tutorials section you will find roughly what you are talking about.

If you do manage to unpack some without tutorials then you can make your own and post it here so that Ted can add to the archive :thumbsup:

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