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sndtro #1, by JHD


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sndtro #1, by JHD

Here comes a kewl SnD cracktro coded by JHD !!!

Grab it :thumbsup:

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Nice, I noticed a bit of stray pixels on the BMP font (white font that was displaying background info), just a heads up. Great work though. :)

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Awesome and skilled work!!! However i think that i can redesign the logo to a bigger and more detailed size if you want ofc Ufo!

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... if you want ofc Ufo!
Guess I'm doing something wrong here :? Next time somebody else will post it lol !

This intro was coded by JHD... not by me !!! :)

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This is really great.

Are there any tutorials or similar on how to program such cracktros/ intros etc.?

I would like to make one myself.


First of all it would be from Interrest in what language yu want to code...

if yu start coding i prefer that yu have a look on "Freebasic" (its free and compiles small and fast exes) and then take a look on

this site:


Here are a lot of friends who ll help yu out in any programming lanuage.

There yu ll get enough stuff to start coding intros/cracktros.

If yu prefer coding in "Purebasic" like Jihads cracktro here, i can help yu out starting in this language!



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