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What Is Best Protection Or Packer You Think ?


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hello Everybody

my topic is a Poll just wanna know ya all like what Protection or packer or anything u calling lol

my vote is for The Enigma Protector

please vote with Comment :kiss:

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Removed huge text... no need for it
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Nnnnoooooo! I thought it was just going to be a link to the poll on tuts4you main site Ted did a couple of months ago, then I rolled over it, Youtube? I clicked, and now it does "sucks to be" me. :laugh:

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Haha... mass rick rolling. Incase people didn't spot it, youtube's April fools this year was to redirect all traffic from youtube.com/index to a rick roll video :)

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Teddy Rogers

It was funny two years ago when the "phenomenon" first appeared. Seems recently it has started to make a reappearance, some news channels around the world reported on it the past week... sigh... :lol:


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