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My (dup+keygen) Skins For Foff


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xD hi, decided to post up screenshots of DUP and Keygen Skins i've done for FOFF, some I like and some i don't :P , no particular order some pretty old, few of them few months old ;) let me know what you think! :happy:

EDIT: if you want to see working version, let me know ;)

EDIT2: Working examples!



Keygen Skin #1


Keygen Skin #2


Keygen Skin #3


Keygen Skin #4


Keygen[keygenme] Skin #5


Keygen Skin #6


Keygen Skin #7


Keygen Skin #8


Patch Skin #1


Patch Skin #2


Patch Skin #3


Edited by mynes
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Nice Mynes ! :D I see my old team is doing really well! :) btw, that irregular shaped keygen

use PNG, gives much better results I think :P let Encrypto dig out the PNG Lib, gives you much

nicer edges :) ! overal, great work mynes!

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Thanks :D , yeah PNG would have been nice but Serial Killer was using Regions at the time :P so i kinda had to cater to that ^_^

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Really awesome work mynes, like a lot of them :)

Keep it going and congratz to FOFF for having you in their team.


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Tell me about it bro :D . im so glad we had him on our team. hes got some of the best artwork ive seen. some of course which are not available to public hehe. art in progress


Ye i will try my best to learn more programming. at the moment im trying to learn some masm hehe :)


Keep up the amazing work mate.

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