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Tired Of Hearing Other People’s Cellphone Conversations?


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Tiny projectors may soon cast big images on walls, or even on train seatbacks.

At left, a prototype from Iljin DSP, hooked up to a cellphone. At right, the Samsung MBP-100.

TIRED of hearing other people’s cellphone conversations? It may become worse.

Soon you may have to watch their favorite television shows and YouTube videos,

too, as they project them onto nearby walls or commuter-train seatbacks.

LINK: read full article here

BR; ChupaChu!

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Well at least the homeless on the train will get to keep up with the current youtube videos. :no:

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It could be cool to use with an ipod or something at a friends, but not on a train, well I'd rather see youtube than hear some loud mouthed business man shouting down his phone.

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Many thanks for the info...

Btw, I was expecting a fix not to hear other people's cellphone conversations :tongue:



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