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Some Dup Skins


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ello there, i saw some nice patch skins here so i had to register :) . I want to check out how to make uPPP skins (which look awesome). Also i used some of the video tuts from lena151 (thx btw.) to make my cracking skills going forward, and i think this is birthplace of this tuts, so this place must be the best place to go on. this is my first post so i thought ill post some dUP skins that i made (hope there not too ugly):

the eYe skin:


the skunky skin:


the war skin:


if u want u can use them, i uploaded the .res .ini on rapidshare:

rapidshare download link

so long, cyas straight

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Nice skins.

What sort of file size do these compile to though?

Hey, the pictures in the res. are at minimum size 256 colours, i didnt packed the exe files yet. Ill try it with a packer and let you know.

Edit: I packed a test eYe patch with Mew11 SE 1.2 @ 275 kb (true its still too big ^^)

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