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Vista Not A Big Hit With Pirates...

Teddy Rogers

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Teddy Rogers
Microsoft's latest Windows client is not, by any measure, a hit with software pirates. And in this context, it seems that the Redmond company is ripping the fruits of the anti-piracy mitigations it has integrated by default into Windows Vista. According to the 2007 Anti-Piracy Year in Review report put together by the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) in mid-February 2007, Vista is nowhere to be found in the top 10 most pirated software on the Internet and by companies. Neither is Windows XP for that matter.

Looking back to 2007, SIIA put together a list with the most frequently pirated software titles on the Internet. At number one is McAfee VirusScan, runner-up Symantec Norton Anti-Virus, and the bronze winner is McAfee Internet Security Suite. Intuit TurboTax comes in at number four, then Adobe Photoshop; Adobe Acrobat; Intuit Quicken Home and Business; Symantec Norton pcAnywhere; Symantec Norton Ghost and Adobe Creative Suite. Neither Windows XP nor Windows Vista have made the top 10.

The two Windows operating systems are also missing from the list containing the 2007 software titles most frequently pirated by companies. In this regard, Symantec Norton Anti-Virus is top dog, with Adobe Acrobat in second place and Symantec PC Anywhere third. Adobe is close to the podium with PhotoShop, followed by Autodesk AutoCAD; Adobe DreamWeaver; Roxio Easy CD/DVD Creator; Roxio Toast Titanium; Ipswitch WS_FTP and Nero Ultra Edition.

With the advent of Vista back at the end of 2006 and at the debut of 2007, Microsoft not only revamped Volume Activation introducing version 2.0, but also took the effects of the Windows Genuine Advantage anti-piracy mechanism one step further. Pirated copies of Windows Vista were set to revert to Reduced Functionality Mode, virtually locking the user out of the operating system. While Vista piracy is indeed a problem that Microsoft has had to address face-on, according to SIIA it could be a lot worse.

At the same time, since Windows XP, without the added anti-piracy measures, also managed to keep itself out of the top 10 most pirated software products, the WGA is obviously not the contributing factor. But at this point in time, Microsoft is moving one step further with the evolution of both its operating systems via the introduction of Vista SP1 and XP SP3.

With Vista SP1, the Redmond company is killing two of the most popular activation workarounds for the latest Windows client, the OEM and the 2099 Timer cracks. But at the same time, Microsoft is cutting down the Reduced Functionality Mode kill-switch from the operating system and has taken the behavior of pirated Vista SP1 back to that of XP SP2, or XP SP3 for that matter.

With the third and final service pack for Windows XP, the Redmond company announced no new anti-piracy measures. In this regard, XP SP3 brings nothing new to the table in comparison to SP2. And while Microsoft is working to build Windows 7, the company has not revealed any of the new anti-piracy mitigations that it is cooking for the next iteration of Windows.



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Well it is a quite large package and with its lack of hardware/driver support no one wants to download it. Also it comes on a new computer, which most people do not think that its included in the price tag. Another possible reason, XP is the best, but why wouldnt Xp be in the top, I dont know maybe its 6 years old. Plus its always easier just to have a legit version so you dont have to worry about updates. :)

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i tried vista, it just quite simply annoyed me...(too many damn can i do this, can i do that type things) so i put back XP.. lol i will run vista only on a VM (the way i see it the only things that have full control of vista are the malware.. :P )

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Vista is a such a pos... I ran it for like 2 days and wiped it. To much can't do this n that like syk says... and it really doesn't bring anything new and interesting to the OS other than some skins... whoopee! Smells of ME to me...

If you run win2k in vmware... you don't have to worry about updates :D It always passes WGA... with office etc aswell :>

I hope they get it together with windows 7, lets see if the smaller core system becomes reality instead of hype.

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Personaly I don't think it is worth stealing........I have only used the home basic Vista it came pre loaded on my laptop. After having it 10 minutes I was ready to put xp on it, but due to one elusive driver for my wireless networking I am stuck with it. I think I have an old 8086 in the closet somewhere that boots up faster. I run XPsp2 on my 6 year old desktop and I can do a full reboot on it before I can do one on my laptop. Don't get me wrong there are a few things I like about it such as the file explorer...... well I guess it is only one thing I like about it. And the safety features :dunno: why they felt the need to put all that crap on there I will never know. It asks you for permission for everything. My only guess about this is all the hype that Windows boxes are more vulnerable than Mac's, and they thought it would be a good marketing decision. And as for the activation OMFG, what a pain in the a$$. I refurbish my machines about every 2 or 3 months. I always have and always will, and every single time I have to call MS and do the phone activation on XP and VIsta. I got ahold of "black beard" XPsp2 and use it to refurb my desktop, just because I do not have to activate it. Well I could go on but I will leave you with this....

If Vista was a country birds would fly upside down over it........because there ain't nothing worth sh!tt!n on.

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Teddy Rogers

As I said earlier you can deactivate all that annoying stuff, it is all in the Help and Support files that come with Vista.

I think you have a limited number of phone activations. Anyway, why is it phone activated and not over the internet - is it an OEM?


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i wont install that sh@t...ive used it on chix laptops and its annoying as already stated...not worth the aggravation...seems to be all skins (as mentioned) and nuthn worth while..its easier to use sum skin manager on xp if i wantd all that extra crap.it does nuthn special to be worth the hassle...

just my 5 cents :)

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I recently purchased a ACER Aspire 5520 that came preloaded with Vista Home Prem,

it lasted about 2 months and I decided to put XP on it. everything went fine until I needed

a driver, funny thing is, it is the same driver dustyh1981 spoke of, no wireless driver for XP.

Funny to see people complain about not having hardware / driver ssupport for Vista,

but yet I was unable to find a driver for XP...Doh! Anyway, I like Vista the more I use it.

Would I put it on a machine I use daily ? no, but it is not bad for this laptop.

PS:.. for the tweakers, Blackviper is doing pretty good with Vista tweaks now

and is a good place to start.

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I like it, period :D

Seriously, I'm not having any trouble so far, all my hardware works as expected...

I like the new 'skin', with a machine from after 1980 you should be able to have Vista run on it pretty smooth (with a few things disabled that is).

Dunno, switching to XP as my main OS doesn't sound like a good option to me, it's old, it's ugly, it's 32bit :D

I do have a safety XP partition for some games and apps that dont run on Vista64 or other stuff like dvd burning apps that I don't want to bloat my Vista install with...

If you consider the price and the relevant changes, it's certainly crap, but for free it's quite agreeable :lol:

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Teddy Rogers
If you consider the price and the relevant changes, it's certainly crap, but for free it's quite agreeable :lol:

Yes, I'll agree with you there. As I said in another topic I bought the Ultimate edition and ended up using vLite to strip it down to its bones. Most of the stuff that come with Ultimate, for me personally, is just crap. When I compare the editions...


...I would be happy with Home Basic x64 (Retail) - and it is a lot cheaper! The features that exist in the other editions I already have as software I currently use from other software companies.

However I am still a believer in thinking that if you own a x64 system its worth going to the expense of getting Vista otherwise you may as well have a 32bit system with a P4 or something...


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Well the only real problem I have with it is the Startup shutdown time.... I got all that other crap disabled. Maybe it is fater on x64 i dunno

as for the skins I could care less I don't run them, but they do look nicer than xp. I dunno maybe service pack speed things up?


I don't know about the activation since the first time I refurbed it I had to do it by phone it won't let me on internet.. PPL @ MS said I would have to do it everytime that you only get one Internet activation. I dunno I used to refurb my desktop all the time and never had to do it till recently. But its funny I never got my internet activation for my vista........I did findout however if you do not make any major hardware changes, and you note down your HD serial number before you format, after the install go back with VolumeID and set the HD serial back you can use the same Confirmation number without haveing to call.......that is if you wrote it down the last time........

Edited by dustyh1981
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I'm running Vista Ultimate 64-bit...and I love it! I would never go back to XP for that matter...yes UAC is annoying but like Ted said, it can be turned off. I have all drivers and they work 100% (even with Vista AND 64-bit)...

Only thing that would hold me back would be the price tag....but if you have some nice social connections...go ahead :P ...you also have to have a nice machine...mine almost 2 years old custom build (X2 3800+,2GB (50% used on idle!), 8600GT) but it works flawless.

I love the new memory management...only sucks if you have processes that change the image address on start each time...if you program apps for that you have to consider that if you want your app to run on XP (where the image address is 0x400000 or 0x100000 most of the time) and Vista.

DX10...well if you need it...

...but overall I don't understand why people give Vista such a bad reputation. I love it ^_^

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...but overall I don't understand why people give Vista such a bad reputation. I love it ^_^

A bit off topic, but my guess is, if you take a survey from people like this...

How many people started using M$ OS 15 - 11 yrs ago =


How many people started using M$ OS 10 yrs ago - present =

I think you will find out that the 15 - 11 yr people like me will put

that they don't care for Vista, while the folks from 10 yrs to date will say they do.

reason being...Win 3.1 - 98 were great OS's, they done what they claimed to do

and with no hidden BS or any extra bells and whistles...Just a good OS

After win98 ( 10 yrs ) came WinME which was a mistake from the getgo.

While I give them credit with XP, I still must say it has alot of uneeded and

hidden BS we can do without. So...

15 - 11 yrs = Not liking Vista

10 - present yrs = like vista

Just a guess.

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Well, we were talking about Vista <-> XP...Win98 is a whole another story in my opinion...I'd dual boot it side by side with Vista anytime ;)

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Well, I had installed vista some time ago, tested it out and hated it. It was gone after only having it one day. Seemed really bloated, but boot times etc weren't the issue.. (I'm running an opteron 165@2.54Ghz, 2GB memory, and an 8800GTS) I had installed it over an old Slackware install that I screwed up, so I just put Slackware right back..

Seriously, I don't think vista is anything to bother with right now until they refine it or gaming really requires DX10

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