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Note About Web Groups In Scene Notice


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Sometimes ppl forget they got a real life too... this dude sounds like someone stole his breakfast and is making money off his a$$... whats the hassle. There are so much more important things than some power in the virtual world and access to warez... half of which are only $hitty products not worth a dime...

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Im just glad there is groups like SnD, FoFF, CiM, tRUE, ViRiLiTY, AT4RE, GRTeam


Especially SnD :blush:

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scene wars always were and will be, its competition like who is faster,better. bad things are flaming,stealing, lies and other crap.

best groups get best sites. best sites have best speed,biggest harddrive space or just name of be elite.

some people forget about it that they do that for fun, relax. not profits like calibre with his dox. some sell warez or make money on it and those could be caught by fbi.

we can see downfall of scene, well not that scene dies. only there is quantity over quality recently. ****ty apps,movies come from mpaa and they chase us, ****ty music comes out, commercial type made music that nobody wants to listen, and riaa says its due piracy. same with games crap like turning point recently from codemasters. they screwed colin mc rae, now they screwed unreal engine 3. recently games not only are worse also shorter you can finish whole in 4h. and pay like old days when you needed 3 days to finish.

and when i read bull**** from EA that tells us games are too hard that makes me laugh. games today are for causal gamer that just starts with gaming.

they say pc scene dies due piracy. rofl i can get xbox360 modchip for 3% of console price or with dual flash and switch and burn dvd on my dvd-rw and play for free.

so for me consoles are easier to use pirated games than pc.

another thing that kills scene is p2p, scene does rls for scene. but there is always some good samaritan that affils sites and downs rls home and puts that on torrent,emule,rapidshare and other.

and millions of people get this. from closed community rls leak to web and fbi and game developers have problem to solve due low sales.

i always say we should have option to try before you buy. but buy.

i understand watching series from net due regional tv shows only soap operas, i dont watch tv since 7 years.

and scifi chan isnt aviable for me. or if it is its not american and doesnt have series that usa have.

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Well, I doubt the ISO stuff is actually meant to stay private, you can simply tell by the way they do their propers.

Always looks like they're trying to explain a 7-year old why their release is better than the other one...

If that was actually meant to stay internal they wouldn't start all those wars, everybody just desperatly tries to get a good reputation, why bother if it was private :unsure:

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everybody make mistakes, we are only human. and iso flaming war is only from side of vitality, bunch of kids. that cant stand to loose race and do proper of crack due vm isnt removed. who cares as long it runs. even microsoft use software for free. look at IE8 beta 1 devtools movie, there is camtasia studio - U... i think it was shot with U..nregistered. like many times earlier:P

btw IE8 suxx, nothing new compare to IE7, except integration of only true search engine for new things windows live aka msn.

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You would think Microsoft could either afford to buy a License for Camtasia.....or have a simular tool of thier own? I about fell out of my seat when I read that, but I had to see it for myself. As for the quoted rant above...I really do not know a-lot about the Scene, learned what I know about it from this post, but still as ignorant as I am on the subject I do not think it is right to be ripping on the teams stated above........I can not really give an opinion on any other than SND & ARTEAM since I am not familiar with them, but I am glad you guys do what you do...a few years back I was doing a diffrent type of RE and after that I can appreciate a place that has Great tutorials and lots of members who are willing to anwser your questions. And if the other teams stated above are anything like that I can not see why anyone would want to Rip on them like that? But like I always say..."You can't please everybody so don't try" In closing I leave you with this............

"Opinions are like A$$holes everybody's got one and everyone thinks everyone else's stinks"


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Hi, i have accidentally found this notice on some 0day ftp site,

Any thoughts about this ? :smile:

Yeah, here's mine..

I would immediately BAN you if I was an Admin here..

You take the time to sign up... and share your first post with SnD to tell them how you have "accidently found" a notice that is so worthless, such rubbish.. but yet inflammatory... that quite frankly is nothing but laughable, immature and proof that there are some silly children out there in grown up land that are prepared to try and rock the boat..

If the best you can do in your solitary 2 posts here is share this amazing news, that you have found on this anonymous 0day ftp site.. it's time to give up..

Now.. go get your nappy changed.. :sick:

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is this an official release by some 0day newb? Cuz if this is a release. NFO it is not even packed correctly. if not then it seems i don't know wtf i'm talking about! further more the scene war is total bologna and what ever happend to doing it for fun?

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is this an official release by some 0day newb?

The 0day ftp I got it from, not just anyone can upload to, so

my guess is it had to be put there by a currier... so yeah.

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I just realised something: it is signed "A realistic scener" (which wanted to remain anonymous).

Usually, when somebody really means what he says or writes, he is not afraid to sign his name or at least his nickname.

Maybe it is to prevent the FBI from tracking him since writing this is highly illegal, like everybody knows, of course.

It could also be wHaTeVer that replaced the name himself to keep the author confidential but he chose "A realistic scener" instead of "A. Nonymous" or "Name Edited".

It could also be wHaTeVer that got bored and wrote this on his notepad while laughing all the time like a 5-year-old about to commit some mischief.

Anyway, it all sounds like: "I heard my friend's neighbor's cousin's wife's goldfish's dog's brother's say that you have big feet and that they stink like poo!"

Should it really matter what an unnamed nobody wrote in a text file on an obscure ftp site that no other members seem to know?

I'd say 99% of people who are not in one scene or another don't even read nfos or remember the cracker's name/group as long as it works for them easily at the user level.

This is all like the BBS wars of 15-20 years ago.

Since most BBS were regional or national (not global like the internet), hacking was done in person with a baseball bat.

Even ANSI art groups were fighting amongst themselves.

Who even remembers about that now?

As the greatest philosopher of the 20th century once said:

I love you

You love me


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rusty is a all around good guy so your finger pointing is way off dude.... :down:

funny though hehehe :biggrin:

p.s...theres is a sum guy (courrier who got booted) goin around on a site saying he was part of certain crews,etc....if any of you want ill copy the thread and make your own judgement...(regaring x game sceners and who they were involved with,etc)-not sure if its true but its out there

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p.s...theres is a sum guy (courrier who got booted) goin around on a site saying he was part of certain crews,etc....if any of you want ill copy the thread and make your own judgement...(regaring x game sceners and who they were involved with,etc)-not sure if its true but its out there

Tbh I doubt anyone here cares.

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Oh! My mistake...

I somehow thought that RUSTYBURN was the original poster.

I meant the wHaTeVer guy.

RUSTYBURN had absolutely nothing to do with this.

Sorry for the misunderstanding.

I really hope that no RUSTYBURNs have been hurt in the making of this topic.


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