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Note About Web Groups In Scene Notice


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Hi, i have accidentally found this notice on some 0day ftp site, i think its just couple of days old.. its mainly about leaks from scene servers to some torrent site but at the end i noticed this:



I have a message for all the web releasing lamers, these idiots claim

0day groups "steal" their releases. They don't even know the definition

of 0day. I just want to tell them "**** you all", 0day is a complicated

system you'll never understand. I have heard many dumb **** from these

lamers "Razor1911 does steal the cracks.". Well, they must live in the

future if they used to "steal" cracks for new and unreleased games.

Just die weblamers: SnD, FoFF, CiM, tRUE, ViRiLiTY, AT4RE, GRTeam


Because you never could be a part of the scene, you all started to hate

it and tried to act smart. Well, you assholes are so insecure the FBI

would bust you within one month. I had to include this in this nfo file

since they are a 1:1 copy of the most common torrent lamer they are a

thread for the scene.

Signed by:

- A realistic scener

Any thoughts about this ? :smile:

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a thread for the scene

That's not such a bad thing, is it :lol:

they don't even know the definition of 0day.

I just want to tell them "**** you all", 0day is a complicated system you'll never understand.

Yeah sure, we're all retards, too stupid to judge, too lame to understand their uberly complicated system...

Nobody has ever seen or read about 0day, nor are there rippers (why should there)...

People writing such garbage are lamers themselves, he's prolly one of those who 'steal' releases :rolleyes:

Oh, and I know the definition of 0day, it's pretty simple isn't it. What all those (wanna-be) sceners make of it (including weird wars and flames and other stuff they think are unique to their 'system') is a totally different story...


BTW Aren't 0day and ISO two different scenes themselves ?

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Just die weblamers: SnD, FoFF, CiM, tRUE, ViRiLiTY, AT4RE, GRTeam, TFT, FLG, AHCU, FFF, ARTEAM and iCU.

damn, he missed out AORE :( , we should inform him lol

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Especially ARTeam, damn those rippers ^^

I wonder where some of those people got there skill from, not out of the blue, that's for sure ;)

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honestly i couldn't care less about these stupid words, im in it just for the fun of it and to learn the art of reversing.. '0day system to complicated to understand' so we wouldn't understand how to use fake mac id's on a vulnerable Wi-Fi network also using proxies and scripts to put things places.. hmm no hope of understanding this ever.... we release cracks not full software so anybody like the FBI just wouldn't care.. If anything the protectionists appreciate us sharing information on how to make their software much more protected.. and i would like to also add that this is just not a competition for us for me it's a personal achievement.. we as a community boldly share detailed information on how we beat protections.. do you?

well that's my five dollars.. :P

----=====++++*******No Arrogance, We are all the same..*******++++=====----

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what is oday anyway :blush:

perhaps an abbreviation of odelay ;)

approximately is oday != 0day (0[zero] day)

perhaps appears a release at the same day the app appears

am not certain me

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I keep hearing about this "scene war" and I don't really get it...

What is the difference between the 0day, torrent and web scenes?

Only the way they release things?

Or there's some deeper mystery to this whole thing?

Could a 0day release be made on day 1 or 2? What about time zones?

What if somebody takes a 0day release from a torrent and puts it on the web or on RapidShare?

I can't imagine the psychiatrist bill of that release in identity crisis. :wacko:


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thanks you qOdbOp. ok 0day. what is it. for example, AT4RE have a forum, so it is a web team. but FFF have not a forum, so it is 0day?

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Well, you assholes are so insecure the FBI

would bust you within one month

lol :) This is just some fired up kid :) Though, almost any 0day cracker would put his signature on most of this but for different reasons.

Btw, virility and fff are www groups?

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Wonder if he is just crediting his sources in a way that doesnt make them look like complete lamerz. :tongue:

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for people having questions about '0day' term and whole 'scene system' i would recommend this site: http://www.aboutthescene.com/

Btw, virility and fff are www groups?

im not sure about virility thought they are scene group but fff is clearly web group (if you dont mean that little 0day-mp3 group which you probably dont..) they even stated it in their nfo: "FFF is proud to be a WebGroup and to release nice products for all." - http://forumdutc.free.fr/

in the end its all about petty elitism..

and by the way, if you want to learn something about history of 'the scene' you should go here:




tons of old nfos, cracktros and infos concerning cracking/art scene :cool:

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that was very funny

the fact that many oday groups steal from web


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Not all 0Day guys think like that. Especially not people in 0day teams that do RCE.

Why should they anyway? They get their releases and share them on their servers but learn, teach etc. on forums of Web groups, so what

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...but we definitely have some examples of "good guys of the 0day scene" on the forum.

BlacKaT ...

im sure realy "good guys of the 0day scene" being quiet


they arent cry at the top of once voice "here i am! - my name is Bl.... and i am a piece of pie...etc"



dont get me wrong


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