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Where Are All The Keygenners

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Hehe, just to clarify things, I DID undersand what you wanted to say ;)

Keygenning is fine, but I only did less than 5 keygens though, too lazy if it gets complicated :P


thats the prob tho my grp doesn't even ask for five a week and.... well ek... LOL i think we are cursed.

no matter tho... we will just continue :unsure: with patches. :(

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Yep, agree to Sonny. I myself also can do some easier kinds of keygens, even though I prefer patches (teh lazee man ^^). Are they not able to do them or do they simply don't want to do them (time is one of the reasons why I don't keygen that much)?

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  • 2 weeks later...

got a genner now, btw, when team was founded it had two genners ;) but they kinda "dropped out of earth."

still looking for more ppl tho... always (its my job)

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