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Where Are All The Keygenners

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i don't know if any of u noticed but when a group puts out an nfo looking for talent. mabey is just my group. but no keygeners ever apply! i think my group is cursed. and all the ppl i know are taken by other groups.

theres my rant for the day. so since i got that off my chest... i think keygenners are like unicorns.

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Dunno allthough I have to admit I personally have never developed a taste for keygenning.. So maybe there are just fewer of them.. ;)

I mean If I can't unpack it it's not fun.. :)


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Depends... if it's just a quick, cheap keygen it has its fascination (I guess some people would love to tear me apart now ^_^ )...

Just raises your confidence for a short time, good deal for quickly ripping an algo from Reflector :D

Then again, this isn't considered 'real' keygenning, is it ? :P

Unpacking fascinates me the most, it's not that I despise keygenning or something, it's just too much theory and thinking for my humble self (even though such stuff is what can I do best, at least at school)...

Dunno why exactly, I guess it's just the impression I had when I started reversing, always wanted to crack games which eventually leads you to unpacking :)

BTW Mind sharing what team you're talking about ? Maybe sheds some light on the issue ;D

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Oh well, no need to if you dont want to say names :D

I could just guess which team your not in (given the stuff about missing keygenners...) :D

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Oh well, no need to if you don't want to say names :D

I could just guess which team your not in (given the stuff about missing keygenners...) :D

Are you really that good well if u can manage to guess. you may post it here. tho my search for keygenners still goes strong, meh. i need to get off my *** and learn at least one hash. :D

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Not good, just deducing :D

I'd say your not in DVT/ZWT/Lz0, most likely not BRD either (just read your post ;D)...

Prolly NoPE, somewhat more unlikely - YAG (even though I think YAG members rarely browse this board :rolleyes: )

I dunno many 0day groups, there seem to be quite a lot you never see or hear of...


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Teddy Rogers

BlacKaT, not really an appropriate topic title for this forum. Please be more selective with your choice of words in the future, thank you!


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maybe just to omit the word completely :)

done... if only for the sake of sanity and not reading another post discussing the title of the thread!

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my appoligies.

i was thinking about this after i had posted this topic... but uh, i didnt know you could edit the titles. my bad

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I assume most keygenners nowadays start on a forum where they can get help, crackmes etc. and well, many RCE boards are boards of a team so they switch into that team.

There are definitely a lot great keygenners outside which are not bound to a team, but many of them don

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I have done some keygens... who haven't?

But man, that task is occupying you a lot of time. It depends either if you are decided to solve the algo entirely or patching the target in a fast way.

Very good for winter afternoons. :biggrin:



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LOL, keygenners are on every board. But the problem is if want to join 0day groups?

I don't want to join 0 day, i refuse till now 2 offer, made by a good freinds...

...like ziggy :ph34r2: ...

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Hehe, just to clarify things, I DID undersand what you wanted to say ;)

Keygenning is fine, but I only did less than 5 keygens though, too lazy if it gets complicated :P


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